Sanitation Sprinklers Wrong Jobs

Yesterday, when the temperature suddenly dropped below zero degrees Celsius, how did the sanitation department perform the sprinkler operation? The reporter learned that they also adopted a workaround and made the operation more user-friendly.  
Sprinkling water with a sprinkler is one of the main measures for dust reduction in the urban area. However, when the temperature in winter is below zero degrees Celsius, it is not appropriate to sprinkle water again to prevent the formation of ice on the road surface, which will affect the public’s travel. Yesterday morning, the reporter encountered the sprinkler division of the Runzhou Sanitation Institute on the road.  
Machine Feng Qing. Master Feng told reporters that he was responsible for watering operations on sections of the Yangtze River, Power Road, Zhongshan West Road, Heping Road, etc. In the summer or autumn, the first time the sprinkler operation time was 5:30 in the morning, and in the winter,  
If the temperature is above zero degrees Celsius, the watering time is generally around 10:00 am. If the water is sprayed early, the place where the road is cold may freeze in the morning. Master Feng also introduced the separation of some motorized and non-motorized lanes.  
The roads, sprinkler operations more convenient, in the motor vehicles, non-motor vehicles mixed roads, such as Canal Road, Runzhou Road, watering should be extra careful, although driving music to remind the past citizens and vehicles to avoid in a timely manner to avoid collisions or  
The situation of being wet with water, but sometimes encountering lots of people, they often turn off the sprinklers so as not to spill them onto the citizens. "I would rather have trouble for myself and facilitate the public."  
In the urban areas with heavy traffic such as Zhongshan Road and Jiefang Road, the sprinkler trucks have been temporarily suspended during peak hours. In order to enhance the road surface cleaning, the Jingkou District Sanitation Center dispatched a mechanical road washing and clearing road vehicle to motor vehicle roads and roads. Dust on the dust and other clean up to reduce dust pollution.

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