Full Automatic Screw Type Air Compressor for Bottle Blowing

Model NO.: VS Series
Refrigerant Type: Ammonia
Displacement: 1 Nm³ /Min
Exhaust Pressure: 4.0MPa
Motor Power: 15
Rotating Speed: 790
Weight: 470
Trademark: VESSINE
Transport Package: Wooden Packaging
Specification: 1420*840*840
Origin: Zhangjiagang, China
HS Code: 8422301090
Full Automatic Screw Type Air Compressor for Bottle Blowing

Introduction of air compressor:
1: oil circulation system
Before starting, start the oil pump control system first, after the oil pump control system to ensure that the air compressor lubrication parts lubrication is good, while the oil pump control system through the built-in temperature control valve to adjust the internal oil and oil temperature to meet the system needs.

2: air circulation system
Compressor work, the air through the self-cleaning air filter was inhaled, through the PLC automatic cleaning filter, the air through the import guide vane automatically adjusted into a compression, after a higher level of compressed gas temperature, and then enter In order to avoid the gas in the system into the compression chamber (to avoid the start of the pressure with the pressure), the intermediate cooler is cooled (the water pipe is inside the air pipe, the water flow rate of the intercooler is 110m / h) ) In the compressor exhaust pipe installed with a suspension full Kai check valve, the compressor discharge gas to open the check valve into the exhaust muffler, and then into the first-class aftercooler, two aftercooler, and then enter Exhaust pipe.

3: Waterway circulation system
Cooling water through the pipeline into the air compressor intercooler on the first class of compressed exhaust gas cooling cooling, and then into the aftercooler to cool the exhaust, the other way the cooling water inlet pipe through the main motor upper two sets of heat exchanger Cooling the motor windings, and cooling the oil cooler all the way.

4: Power distribution system
Air compressor 2000kW high voltage motor (10kV) with full pressure start, the control cabinet for indoor communication, metal armored withdrawable switchgear, switching equipment from the fixed cabinet and can be extracted parts that is two parts of the car, Control, protection, monitoring purposes, with "five anti" function.
5: Screen protection system
The central signal device is divided into two kinds of accident signal and warning signal. The main task of the accident signal is in the circuit breaker accident trip, can be issued in a timely manner sound signal, and the corresponding circuit breaker light position signal flash. The main task of the notice signal is to run the device in the event of abnormal phenomenon, the instantaneous or delay issued an audio signal, and the light plate shows the contents of the abnormal phenomenon.

6: DC power supply system
Automatic maintenance-free lead-acid battery DC power complete sets of equipment, by the charging device screen, DC feed screen and battery components, with automatic steady flow, automatic voltage regulator, automatic voltage regulator and other functions for the central signal screen and high voltage control system to provide power .

 Product Show :
Full Automatic Screw Type Air Compressor for Bottle Blowing
Full Automatic Screw Type Air Compressor for Bottle Blowing
Full Automatic Screw Type Air Compressor for Bottle Blowing
Full Automatic Screw Type Air Compressor for Bottle Blowing
The main purpose
A. The traditional aerodynamic: pneumatic tools, rock drill, air pick, pneumatic wrench, pneumatic sandblasting
B. Instrument control and automation devices, such as machining center tool replacement.
C. Vehicle brake, doors and windows opening and closing
D. Air-jet looms with compressed air blowing weft instead of the shuttle
E. Food, pharmaceutical industry, the use of compressed air mixing slurry
F. The start of a large marine diesel engine
G. Wind tunnel experiment, underground passage ventilation, metal smelting
H. well fracturing
I.  High pressure air blasting coal mining
J. Weapon system, missile launch, torpedo launch
K. submarine ups and downs, wreck salvage, submarine oil exploration, hovercraft
L. Tire inflatable
M. painting
N. Blow molding machine
O. air separation industry
P. Industrial control power (drive cylinder, pneumatic components)
Q. The production of high pressure air for the processing of pieces of cooling and drying

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