The relationship between instrument and constellation naming

The relationship between instrument and constellation naming In ancient and modern times, many people are very interested in the constellation. But what is the relationship between the constellation and the instrument? It's really hard to imagine. Everyone in the consciousness feels that they are absolutely unconnected, but there is still a certain relationship between the constellation and the instrument.

In astrology, the ecliptic is divided into 12 constellations called the zodiac 12 constellation. The Zodiac 12 constellation is synonymous with the position of the universe and represents 12 basic character prototypes. The zodiac sign is the zodiac, including Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces. Therefore, it is also said that the zodiac constellation is "animal circle" and "animal belt."

The constellation is far more than the zodiac constellation of the constellation, including the 28 constellations of the Northern Heaven and the 48 constellations of the Southern Heaven. At present, 88 constellations are commonly used internationally, originating from the ancient Babylonians and Greece. The origin of the constellation was to make it easier to distinguish between directions and observing the astronomical phenomena during navigation. The stars scattered in the sky were connected by imagination.

The constellations are named in accordance with the mythology and shape of ancient civilizations, while others are named after maritime instruments. In ancient times, the ancient naming was based on the former, while the other half of modern naming was based on the latter. The naming of the stars with the Greek alphabet is the creation of Bayer, and the name given to the stars with Arabic numerals is Flamm. Sty founder.

Lacaille pioneered the introduction of modern scientific instruments into the constellation in 1752, breaking the mythological and legendary constellation division. The Lakaye Constellation consists of 13 items: Jade, Heavenly Hearth, Clock, Diaobei, Pei-Pao, Pei Tuan, Antarctica, Compass, Moment, Telescope, Microscope, Mountain Case, and Compass. This is also the most direct link between the constellation and the instrument.

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