Xintian Technology won the bid of 12.04 million yuan wireless remote water meter project

[China Instrument Network Instrumentation Enterprise] On August 5, Xintian Technology Co., Ltd. announced that it won the bid for “Automatic Instrument Purchase Project of Haibowan Urban Water Supply Co., Ltd. in Wuhai” in Inner Mongolia, and the bid amount was RMB 12.04 million. But this time the bid can be described as twists and turns.

Wuhai Haibowan City Water Supply Co., Ltd. automated meter (wireless remote intelligent cold water meter) procurement project was launched in February this year, the procurement budget is 16.8 million yuan. By March, the project had changed the bidding documents.

On March 24th, Wuhai Municipal Public Resource Trading Center announced that the project was awarded by Shenzhen Huaxu Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. and the successful bid was 11.13 million yuan. According to reports, this company was established in 1997. It is a state-level high-tech enterprise engaged in the development of smart water services and related hardware and software development and manufacturing. It was once rated as a standardized demonstration base for the "China Remote Meter Reading System", the industry standard for China's construction industry. China's smart meter manufacturing industry, such as benchmarking enterprises honor.

However, on August 3, the Wuhai Public Resource Trading Center issued a notice that the original successful bidder, Shenzhen Huaxu Technology Development Co., Ltd., gave up its bid to change its bid winner to Xintian Technology Co., Ltd., with a bid of 12.04 million yuan. RMB.

Regarding why the original bid winner Huaxu Technology disqualified, it was not stated in the announcement. But for Xintian Technology, it is "a cake filled with heavenly things." And this project will help Xintian Technology open up the western market such as Inner Mongolia. It laid a foundation for the company to lay out the wireless remote intelligent water meter business in the western development in the later period.

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