Big truck is the first killer on the high speed

The most powerful killer on the highway is the big truck. Whether it is overloaded or not, due to the visual field and bad driving habits of truck drivers, it is very likely to cause traffic accidents, especially at high speed. These accidents are very lethal. However, naturally these dangers are unavoidable due to driving. Then how do you "complain" these large trucks at high speed? Why are big trucks so dangerous?

The truck drivers that we usually meet are relatively "red" and do not take the initiative to slow down. This is because large trucks usually have quite a lot of gear. Speed ​​increases must be accompanied by cumbersome shifts and lengthy acceleration times, so after the vehicle speed comes up, drivers It is too lazy to frequently decelerate and increase speed, and it does not take the initiative to slow down communion. This habit must be accompanied by danger. In addition, domestic truck drivers generally have overtime driving, which inevitably results in fatigue, lack of concentration, etc., and can easily lead to serious accidents.

Several kinds of "cracking" methods encountered with large trucks:

1, overtaking

This is the first choice for most drivers, but pay attention to the method. You need to stay at a distance of at least 100 meters before you go beyond. Look at the rear of a large truck to see if it is overtaking. Look no further than acceleration. In the process of overtaking, honking and flashing headlights must be used to alert the driver of the truck, because the rearview mirror of the driver of the truck may not see the body side of the vehicle. Do not drive for a long time next to the lorry. If you are overtaking, you must be fast. After you exceed it, you must be more than 200 meters away from the big truck. In the process of overtaking, the whistle must be flashed to remind the driver of the truck. Whether it is the line of sight or the driver's estrangement, any situation will make the overtaking vehicle have a great potential danger. Therefore, the truck driver must be reminded.

2, pull the safety distance

If you choose not to go beyond a large truck, your vehicle must be about 300-500 meters away from the big truck, so as to ensure a good vision, too tight to follow the car is easily blocked by the road ahead, it is difficult to immediately respond to the sudden situation ahead .

3, be careful when entering and leaving the security tunnel

If you come in and out of the tunnel behind the truck, you must pull away the distance, especially during the daytime (participation, pictures, and inquiry). The contrast of light when entering or exiting will cause the eyes to have a short period of “blindness”, which is not clear. Something, at this time, if it is too tight with the car, if the situation in front of the car decelerates, it will be too late to react. In addition, the light contrast also affects the driver on the front of the large truck, pull the distance to avoid chain incidents.

4, how to break the big truck at night?

At night, when encountering large trucks, it is best to choose to drive in the super lane because many trucks are not in good condition. The exhausted black smoke or lack of maintenance brake lights will affect the sight and reaction of the rear vehicle. If you encounter thick black smoke must slow down.

5, rainy days encounter truck driving skills

In high-speed rainy days, the mist generated by the wheels of large trucks will be very large, which will make the windshield of the vehicle behind it obscure. Therefore, it will either decelerate beyond the water fog range or accelerate beyond the large trucks. In addition to whistle and flash during the overtaking process In addition to the lights, the speed of the wipers must also be adjusted one to two to keep the field of vision.

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