The advantages of mobile toilets

Mobile toilet cars, in short, are toilets that can be easily moved. Mobile toilet cars are environmentally friendly, clean and beautiful. It is not only practical, it also pays attention to the overall appearance of the elements, thus becoming a scenic spot for tourist attractions and parks. What are the advantages of mobile toilets?

1. High mobility, thus avoiding waste of resources due to demolition;

2. It is more energy-saving and environmentally-friendly, saving at least 80% of water resources compared to traditional toilets;

3, small footprint, compared with traditional toilets, mobile toilets greatly save the land area;

4, beautiful and generous, on the basis of guaranteeing practicality, also added a beautiful element, become a scenic spot of tourist attractions, parks, people do not feel unsightly.

5. The construction also greatly saves manpower, material resources and financial resources. The construction of traditional toilets often requires site selection, purchase of materials, construction, and completion before they can be put into use. The mobile toilets are manufactured by the manufacturers and installed directly. can use. This shortens the time and saves space.

6. Rejection of pollution, the use of microorganisms in the soil of the natural world through the cultivation of purebred and then decomposition of feces and toilet paper, no waste residue emissions, microbial growth and reproduction, and only need to add 5% each year to ensure the normal use of microorganisms;

7, high degree of automation, automatic fault leakage protection, safe and convenient system operation;

8. The construction of environmental protection public toilets is simple and convenient. Only the area of ​​the toilet area is occupied. The water is not installed and the water is not discharged.

9. Harmless: There is no secondary pollution in the treatment process, and the microorganisms are non-toxic, harmless, and genetically stable.

10. Bacteria: In the process of decomposing, deodorizing and decontaminating the urine, harmful bacteria such as E. coli and parasite eggs in the urine and feces and bacteria are also devoured by the micro-organism community, and the safety and hygiene are harmless.


The emergence of mobile toilets has also brought convenience to people's travel. It has also solved the problem that some people have to urinate or not because they can't find toilets. At the same time, the design of mobile toilets does not give people a visual impact, so it moves. A toilet car is also a tool that is worthy of widespread use.

Engine Powered Winch introduction

Engine powered winch is set up high-voltage transmission lines and laying of aerial construction machinery underground cables, smooth, convenient for Tower Group legislature, set up guide (land) lines, lifting, pulling in a variety of complex conditions. Motor cutter grinding widely used in electricity, telecommunications line construction group established tower or motor actinomycetes, also in place for lifting and pulling heavy objects, suitable for field sites without electricity, the use of flexible construction, docks and so on. The experiments and field practice has proved that with a reasonable structure, small size, light weight, utilitarian large, flexible operation, easy handling, etc., the majority of electric power, telecommunications operators welcome. Motor cutter grinding force divided by diesel powered winch and winch motor gasoline.

engine powered winch



1. Reasonable structure

2. Small volume

3. Light weight

4. Strong power

5. Nimble operation

6. Convenient transporting.


diesel engine powered winchgasoline engine powered winch

Engine powered winch type table:


Gasoline engine

Air cooling

Diesel engine

Water cooling

Air cooling





Faster slow



Drive mode

Belt drive

Axis drive

Starting mode

Hand cranking

Hand pulling


Single drum

Double drum

Engine Powered Winch

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