Advantages of Dongfeng Bulk Feed Transporter

Because of the continuous development of the feed industry, at the same time, the demand for feed trucks and the demand for feed trucks are constantly increasing. In order to get rid of industry competition, Dongfeng Bulk Feed Carriers are constantly changing, in order to achieve better, Better adapt to market demands and industry competition. What are the advantages of Dongfeng bulk feed carrier?

First, it can effectively prevent the feed from being contaminated during transportation. Dongfeng bulk feed trucks use fully-sealed equipment during loading and unloading and transportation to prevent unnecessary contact between the feed and the external environment, which cannot be achieved by ordinary trucks or other bags.

Second, it saves a lot of time and labor. In today's society, time is money and life. The loading and unloading speed of Dongfeng bulk feed carriers has the advantage that manpower cannot achieve, reducing the unnecessary waste of a large amount of labor, and adopting all the mechanized work without manual loading and unloading. Need a driver.

Third, to avoid the waste of feed in the transport process. Dongfeng bulk feed carrier tanks are made of special volume plates for Wuhan Iron and Steel Company. They are disposable welded and formed with strong sealing properties, and the airtight containers are seamless and airtight. In this way, the feed can not be wasted during transportation. However, it is difficult to avoid the appearance of waste due to the frequent turning of ordinary bagged feed during transportation.

Fourth, it will not cause pollution to the environment. Due to the high tightness of all the tanks used in Dongfeng Bulk Feed Transport Vehicles, there is no unnecessary pollution of the air during transportation.

5. The humanized design of Dongfeng Bulk Feeder has multiple cofferdams in the tank, which is conducive to the transport of different kinds of feed. One end of the tank is equipped with a discharge pipe, and the feed in the tank can be directly discharged into livestock and poultry. Outside the storage silo. The management of livestock and poultry in rural areas has brought about broader development prospects for animal husbandry mechanization.


Dongfeng Bulk Feed Transporter is a transportation vehicle that is needed by the market. It can improve the shortcomings of other transportation vehicles into their own advantages to form a good development trend.

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