Is it necessary to make sound insulation for cars? Is it useful to make soundproofing cars?

When people drive at high speeds, they will encounter this problem. They think that the car's voice is too loud. Then they want to make a soundproofing for the car. But is it really useful to make the car soundproof? Is it necessary to make sound insulation for cars? In fact, some people say that after the sound insulation is finished, the effect is not as good as one imagines. There is also that some people do the soundproofing of the whole car. Do you know the noise from the general car? The following small series to give you an analysis.


The price of the whole car is not low, one door is 150, and four doors are 600. There are other things, do you feel that you are also very distressed.

Full car noise : chassis, four doors, trunk, tailgate, hood, fender, roof, instrument panel, firewall, u-slot.

Is there a need to do:

It is very important for car owners who have car audio, especially those who have heavy hearing effects. It is very important to make car noise for the whole car, because car noise can not only improve the sound quality of the speaker, but also prevent tire noise and road noise. Wind noise can be reduced by about 3 to 5 decibels. Some people are not sensitive to noise. They drive Xiali, Qiyun, which are relatively noisy, and have no feeling of discomfort. Some people are very sensitive to noise. If you open a magotan of about 200,000, Regal will feel the ears uncomfortable. At this time, you need to do sound insulation.


Advantages: The noise level when the vehicle speed is 90 kilometers is equivalent to the sound when the current speed is more than 50 kilometers, and the sound quality is improved, and the heat preservation effect is also improved (when the Air Conditioner is turned on, since the heat preservation effect is good, the fuel consumption can be saved). Enhance the flexibility of the body steel plate and reduce the damage to the car during impact.

Disadvantages: After the complete car is soundproofed, the weight of the body will increase by about 40 kg, and the fuel consumption will increase, which may have a slight impact on the power system. But the weight of the fuel consumption is far less than the amount of oil saved by the air conditioner. The idle fuel consumption puts the fuel consumption up, especially when waiting for the traffic lights, the increase is more obvious. It cost 4,000 yuan to use the versatile material to sound the whole car (four-wheel fender, four-door, chassis and roof, hood and firewall, full outline of the trunk), all of which are a layer of damping rubber + one layer Soundproof film; the final result is just that the door sounds thicker.


Source of noise:

The engine noise is different with the engine speed. The tire noise is generated when the vehicle is at high speed, and the tire and the road surface are rubbed. The tire condition is determined by the road condition. The worse the road condition, the greater the tire noise, the original car floor. Defects, low-frequency noise, engine noise, tire noise are highly penetrating through the car floor. Vibration deformation, hole leakage, noise, heat, exhaust and dust will flow into the cab through the floor hole of the car, increasing car noise. .

What are the car sound insulation projects?

Generally, the car noise insulation project achieves a comfortable and satisfactory effect, and the maintenance engineer selects certain specific parts to meet the customer's needs. The sound insulation of the fender can reduce the low-speed running noise, the four-door sound insulation can reduce the medium-high speed running noise, and the four-door and fender sound insulation can reduce the high-speed running noise. The reduction in tire noise is mainly caused by fender sound insulation, the four-door sealing strip can reduce wind noise, and the trunk sound insulation can reduce exhaust pipe noise. The engine is relatively noisy and should handle the front cover, fender and firewall for sound insulation. Handling four doors and trunks can be better.


Is it necessary to make sound insulation for the car? If it is useful, I will finish it for you. Do you think your car should be soundproof? In fact, this is different from person to person. Some people need to do it when they care more. Some people can hardly hear it and it is not necessary. It depends on your own situation. The general noise comes from the tire friction when the car is driving, but it depends on the road conditions. You have to travel frequently in the city. When the road is particularly smooth, there is no need to do it for the car, but if you live In the country, or often running transport is actually a better, after all, I have to be in the car. I hope that the Xiaobian article will help everyone.

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