Red Rock Jie Lions Championship Edition 560P Super Horsepower How strong?

For the long-term friends who travel around the world, it will be necessary to face the "devil hillside." When encountering the 18th bend on the mountain road, there is not a full-powered car. How can you conquer the high mountains?

In order to conquer steep slopes, sharp bends, high altitudes, and heavy-duty downhill slopes, these "marishers of the goblin" and SAIC Hongyan Jieshi Champion Edition are equipped with unexpected championship motives for the card-friends. In terms of dynamics, safety, and carrying capacity, a leaping upgrade has been carried out so that card members can easily cross rivers, lakes and seas.

SAIC Hongyan Jieshi Championship Edition SAIC Hongyan Jieshi Championship Edition

How strong is the power of Hongyan Jieshi Champion champion? It is no exaggeration to describe it with “power-lifting mountains and gas”.

The CURSOR series engine equipped by Hongyan Jieshi is created by Fiat Industries. As a card friend, if you don't know Fiat Industries, then you're out. Presumably you must know brands such as Ferrari, Maserati, Alfa Romeo, Chrysler, Iveco , and Case New Holland. If I tell you that these belong to the Fiat Group, you will think about it, but this is indeed the case. Fiat's engine technology has always been at the forefront of the world. For example, the famous high-pressure common-rail technology originated from Fiat. The Red Rock Jieshi engine was built by Fiat Industries to create this news. Many card members were pleasantly surprised. They all used the CURSOR series of engines for the Hongyan Jieshi.

Red Rock lion equipped CURSOR series engine Red Rock lion equipped CURSOR series engine

Even at the plateau, the Hongyan Jie Lion championship performance is still outstanding. Jessie designers stated that at a plateau with an altitude of nearly 5,000 meters, the air density will decrease, the oxygen content of the air will decrease, and the vehicle power will generally decline. However, the Hongyan Jieshi CURSOR 13L engine has benefited from outstanding performance. Training and calibration technology can still produce 2500Nm maximum torque.

With championship power, naturally have the perfect "champion teammate". The Red Rock Jieshi Champion Edition vehicle adopts the IVECO heavy truck technology. It perfectly matches the Hongyan Jieshi Champion Edition vehicle and the powertrain “CURSOR 13L Engine + FAST Transmission + FPT Axle” to give full play to the advantages of high torque and transmission efficiency. High, stimulates maximum power output.

There are two important parameters for an automobile engine. One is horsepower and the other is torque. Horsepower refers to the maximum speed the car can reach. In general, the higher the horsepower, the greater the speed. For example, the horsepower of an ordinary car is generally about 200 horsepower. If it can be more than 200, the horsepower of the sports car is basically 4,500 horsepower. CURSOR 13L engine, horsepower and sports cars quite, think it feels great.


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