The granulator company continues to improve and innovate to usher in a good development space

Granulation is an important part of the pharmaceutical industry. The granulation equipment is called a granulator. Among them, the birth of the dry granulator has saved many intermediate links for pharmaceutical granulation production, reducing many intermediate costs, and is a major innovation in granulator technology. It is understood that the dry granulation technology can be completed by a flat-pressing granulator. The traditional Chinese medicine extract with a certain relative density is spray-dried to obtain a dry extract powder. After adding certain auxiliary materials, it is pressed into a thin sheet by a dry extrusion granulator. Crush into pellets. This method requires less excipients, which is beneficial to improve the stability, disintegration and dispersibility of the particles.

According to the industry*, the dry granulator is a new granulation method developed after the “one-step granulation” of the second-generation granulation method. It is an environmentally friendly granulation process that directly presses the powder into granules. New equipment. The dry granulator uses a new roll control technology. The equipment's control equipment can adjust the fluctuation of any physical properties between different materials and different batches of the same material, so that the dry granulation process parameters can be accurately and repeatedly adjusted. , thereby efficiently producing high quality particles.

In recent years, with the rapid development of Chinese medicine and pharmaceutical industry and the promotion of environmental protection requirements, dry granulator equipment has ushered in a good development space, while industrial concentration has been continuously improved, and market competition has become increasingly fierce. At present, the granulators on the market are diverse and have different functions and are used in different segments of the pharmaceutical industry. And there are many granulator companies that are constantly developing and innovating to develop non-standard products for customers and to manufacture high-quality equipment that is closer to customer needs.

For example, the intelligent automatic dry granulator is characterized by adjustable particle size, can be applied to different granulation requirements, high yield, high degree of automation, easy to use, good versatility, and can be used according to customer needs. Add water cooling device.

The manufacturer of intelligent automatic dry granulator introduced, "This equipment is relatively novel in design, stable and reliable in performance, well-made, using German production technology, equipped with automatic feeding system, convenient for assembly and disassembly cleaning and maintenance, in line with domestic and international GMP, etc. Quality certification requirements."

In the past, the wet mixing granulator has adopted a large number of new technologies on the basis of the original granulation at home and abroad, and has the characteristics of reasonable machine structure, convenient use and perfect functions. And the wet mixing granulator reduces the binder by 25% compared with the traditional process, and the drying time is shortened; the dry mixing is 2 minutes per batch, the granulation is 1-4 minutes, the work efficiency is 4-5 times higher than the traditional process; in the same closed container Completed inside, dry mixing - wet mixing - granulation, process reduction, in line with GMP regulations. However, the drawback of the wet mixing granulator is stable granulation under moist heat conditions.

In recent years, the new automatic dry roll press granulator (touch screen, PLC type) is a dry granulator suitable for large-scale production. It can produce dry powder granules in large quantities. According to different granule requirements, the sifter in the equipment granulation system The number of meshes can be replaced with each other. It can be directly used for tableting or filling capsules, and is suitable for drug granulation which is unstable under wet heat conditions which cannot be granulated by conventional wet granulation.

The granulator introduced by the company is suitable for the development and production of pesticides and pharmaceutical industry. The machine can be combined with conveyors and drying equipment to form an automatic production line, saving labor costs.

In addition, companies have developed rotary cutter granulators. “The length of this equipment is the same, but the screen has been improved. It was not suitable for viscous material granulation. The improvement solved this problem.” Rotary cutter granulator manufacturers said.

1. Introduction of waste transformer Oil Distillation Plant

Waste Transformer Oil Distillation Plant ,is the new technology which can refine the waste transformer oil into base oil(which can be made into diesel and gasoline after processed by our catalyst). The oil quality is better than the original normal pressure distillation technology, which show on purity ,transparence, lightness .this technology will do deodorization and destinke process to the raw material oil automatically by "dry type" vacuum pressure distillation method. With the vacuum distillation technology, the distillation temperature is considerably reduced, and the oil output will higher 5%-10% compared with original normal pressure distillation technology. It makes more profits to the enterprise virtually.


2. Raw material which can be used

    a. Waste oil .example: waste diesel, waste oil residue etc.

    b. tire/rubber oil

    c. plastic oil

    d. crude oil

e. waste engine oil

f. waste motor oil

g. waste lube oil

h. waste transformer oil

i. underground oil

3. Models of waste transformer oil distillation plant

 4. Installation: We will be in charge of arranging our engineer to go to your place to guide the installation and train your workers how to operate the waste transformer oil distillation plant ,and buyer will be in charge of the food, accommodation and round air tickets.


 5.Waste Transformer Oil Distillation Plant Exporting Experience:


Brazil, Canada, Colombia, USA,

Middle East:

Dubai, Iran, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Turkey


Albania , Bosnia and Herzegovina


Afghanistan, India, Malaysia, Pakistan, Philippines, South Korea, Vietnam, Myanmar


Ghana, Mozambique, Zambia


Waste Transformer Oil Distillation Plant

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