What are the advantages of hydraulic lifting columns compared to stone piers?

Hydraulic lifting columns are facilities used to manage pedestrian traffic, protect critical infrastructure, set perimeters, and differentiate roads. Stone piers are roadblocks made of granite and marble. They can also be used as traffic control tools to play a role in managing vehicle traffic. Both are channel control products, so why is the lifting column better than the stone pier? Let's take a look at where this hydraulic lifting column is better than the stone pier.
First, the functional difference
Nowadays, Shidun's styles are diversified, such as flat top type, spherical shape, column type, etc. There are also plantable types. These kind of stone piers are more beautiful, plants can bring vitality, and the ordinary stone piers appear more Lively and energetic. However, Shidun does not have a power drive system, so it can only stand firmly on the street, but the hydraulic lifting column can be lifted and lowered. The hydraulic lifting column has a hydraulic drive system at the bottom. The power is strong and the system is stable. When the vehicle passes, Just press the remote control gently, the hydraulic lifting column will automatically fall to the ground level, then the vehicle can pass, the hydraulic lifting column uses a stainless steel chassis, even if the large vehicle passes, it will not cause the chassis deformation and bending.
Second, strong impact resistance
The stone pier is made of granite, marble or other materials. Its hardness and weight are not as good as those of stainless steel. The ordinary impact of the vehicle is not “unrecognizable” or “smashed bones”, and the hydraulic lifting column can reach 8mm, so even The malicious collision of the vehicle will not be terrible, and will not hit the bottom core.
Third, the style
The style of stone piers is spherical, column-shaped, etc. There are stone piers with carved patterns and stone piers that make stools convenient for the public to rest. There are many styles and more beautiful buildings. However, you can only stand in the same place, and you can't "pull out" to achieve other functions. There are also many styles of hydraulic lifting columns, which are available for customers to choose from.
Fourth, the applicable place
Hydraulic lifting columns can be used in a wide range of applications. Whether it is a highway or an airport or a unit entrance or exit, hydraulic lifting columns can be used to complete vehicle control. The high-strength frame design structure is suitable for airports, power plants, bank entrances and exits, etc. The heavy-duty frame structure is suitable for enterprises, public institutions, parking lots, hospitals, etc., and the light frame structure is suitable for scenic spots, properties, squares and other places. However, stone piers are only suitable for traffic intersections that do not require lifting, and are smaller in scope than hydraulic lifting columns.
From these aspects, the hydraulic lifting column is indeed stronger, more collision-proof and more durable than the stone pier. In addition, it has many styles and wider application range. This is why hydraulic lifting columns are so popular. However, there are many types of hydraulic lifting columns. Do you know which hydraulic lifting columns are suitable for your application?
1. Width of the channel: The width of the channel to be managed determines the number of devices that need to be used. Normally, the center distance of the column should not exceed 1.5 meters. Different places of use can control the pitch width according to their actual needs.
2. Traffic flow: This number is one of the important parameters for selecting a product, but users often ignore this parameter. When you first understand the annual/month total traffic volume of the installation site, the average daily traffic flow.
3, the frequency of use: should understand the short-term traffic flow during the peak period of the use of the road.
4, lifting speed: often more concerned about this parameter.
5, the safety level of the use of the site: Although all hydraulic lifting columns have the role of blocking the vehicle, but the civilian product and professional-grade products have a very different barrier to the vehicle.
6. Group management: Whether to separate the lanes in and out, or group management by lane, determines the configuration and selection of the entire control system.
7. Rainfall and drainage: Since the hydraulic lifting column needs to be buried deep below the ground, it will inevitably bubble in the water. If the use of the site is large, the probability of heavy rain, the drainage system is not good enough, the terrain is low or the groundwater is shallow, etc., be careful when selecting equipment, because the equipment you choose may be soaked in water for a long time. In addition to doing the basic work of drainage, we must also consider the structure of the equipment and other factors. It is very dangerous to make water-repellent unreliable or high-voltage equipment directly in the water.
8. Location of the installation site: If the installation site belongs to a geographically remote area, it is necessary to consider whether the selected equipment is easy to maintain and whether the spare parts are convenient to purchase, etc. when selecting equipment.
9. Realize protection function: The hydraulic lifting column can be safely protected by external infrared or vehicle monitor. Since hydraulic lifting columns are used to manage vehicles, vehicle detectors are more common. Since the hydraulic lifting column is buried deep below the ground, the arrangement method of the grounding coil is different from that of the gate product. At present, there are mainly two ways to arrange the grounding coil.

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