Plant disease detectors for detecting plant diseases are simple and efficient

In order to be healthy, people will check regularly, and plants will be sick just like people. After the illness, the longer and more serious the disease, the more difficult it is to control, the greater the loss, and therefore the protection from plants. From the perspective, it is becoming more and more important to do a good job in plant disease detection. The plant disease detector can be used for early diagnosis of plant diseases, and provides an important basis for scientifically carrying out plant disease control and improving control effects.

“Physical examination” of plants seems to be quite complicated, because plants do not speak like humans, so they cannot communicate directly. Therefore, scientific detection techniques are needed for plant disease detection, and advanced detection is applied to plant disease detectors. The technology for detecting plant diseases requires only a small amount of roots, stems and leaves of plants to be tested, which is very simple and efficient.

The detection principle of the plant disease detector is: according to the biophysical method, the membrane position of the general healthy plant is about -50 mv, the membrane resistance of the outer liquid is about 105 Ω/cm, and the membrane capacitance is basically maintained at 1 uf. Once the crop is infected, it will inevitably lead to changes in molecular vibrational spectra and membrane potential. The inoculation of different pathogens will inevitably change. According to this principle, the types and types of diseases can be distinguished by means of conductance and light diffraction.

We know that there are many types of plant diseases, and the use of plant disease detectors can accurately identify whether a plant is suffering from a viral disease, a fungal disease, a bacterial disease, a fungal virus compound disease, a fungal bacterial compound disease, a viral bacterial compound disease or a fungus. Bacterial virus complex disease, etc., therefore the application of the instrument not only solves the problem of detection in the early stage of disease, but also provides a scientific theoretical basis for how to prevent and cure diseases and drugs, and achieves the reduction of drugs and control, and is a real technology welfare product. .

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