Application of yellow scorpion in the early warning and trapping of aphids

For farming, the prevention and control of pests is always a top priority. Each year, facing a serious pest prevention and control situation, the agricultural sector will invest a lot of manpower and resources to prevent and control pests, and in recent years, aphids early warning and booby traps in one more new tactics, that is the physical control of a small expert - stick Insect yellow board .

In the process of vegetable planting, the occurrence and harm of aphids have caused headaches for farmers. In the face of such small insects, the use of pesticides to kill insects is not only ineffective, but also causes quality and safety of agricultural products, which is not conducive to modern organic vegetable planting, the use of yellow plate armyworm control techniques such as green instead is an inevitable trend. The yellow smear of the armyworm uses the "yellowing" weakness of aphids to achieve physical killing of mites, which can be used for locust warning and trapping. For example, the yellow plate hangs when the vegetable is planted. After the target pest is first discovered, the yellow plate is replaced every day. The number of mites can be counted, and the trend is analyzed. After the winged scorpion is found on the early warning yellow plate, the yellow plate can be hung. Used to prevent and control mites.

The yellow stalk of the armyworm not only has a good effect on trapping aphids, but also has a strong trapping effect on small insects such as B. tabaci and B. sinensis. Therefore, the effective use of the yellow scorpion can effectively control the number and spread of pests, not only can achieve green control of pests, but also reduce the use of 80% of pesticides in vegetable growing areas, and achieve effective vegetable residues. Control, more efficient insecticidal effect than traditional pesticides. Moreover, the cultivation of green control means is cheaper and more convenient to use, and is therefore widely used in agricultural production. In order to improve the trapping effect of pests and reduce the labor input during use, it is also possible to combine the yellow smear and other traps to give full play to its green control effect in the agricultural field and promote the health of the agricultural industry. development of.

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