Invincible Xiaojingang! An excavator recommended for residential construction

More than a dozen strong men, can not match a Bobcat E20!

That's right, the role of a small excavator is so powerful!

As labor costs continue to rise, the trend of small machines replacing traditional labor is becoming more apparent. In the construction of earth and stone, even if a small excavator carries out PK with more than a dozen senior laborers, it can easily win in terms of cost and construction efficiency! Like garden farmland, municipal street corners, highway culverts, etc., these narrow working conditions are the stage for small excavators to show their talents!

Today, we take the Bobcat E20 excavator as an example. Let's take a look at how much a small excavator can play in an urban community!

Bobcat E20 excavator

The operating weight of the Bobcat E20 excavator is only about 2 tons. The height of the cab roof is only 2297mm and the total width is 980mm. With the telescopic frame, it can flexibly enter and leave all kinds of narrow spaces. Its compact body, 320 degrees of free rotation, and zero tail function, can be freely moved in a small working condition, effortlessly complete the operation.

With such a small and flexible excavator, it is easy to enter the narrow courtyard space through the narrow passage in the community for construction, trenching and burying pipelines, digging pits to engage in greening, and renovation of the courtyard landscape.

It is worth mentioning that the Bobcat E20 excavator has a side shift function of nearly 90 degrees of large offset angle, which allows it to complete the direct excavation of the wall root zone without frequent movement of the fuselage, and can be flexibly attached to the wall. Construction is carried out.

Close to the wall for construction

More powerful, the E20 can be used indoors for construction! Time-consuming and labor-intensive work like the old decoration demolition and house renovation can be done with the E20 Raiders! Moreover, it is equipped with a fully sealed cab to effectively isolate noise and dust pollution during construction, resulting in a comfortable operating experience.

E20 can enter indoor construction

In addition, don't look at the E20 sub-small, it is equipped with the Kubota D722-E4B engine with a rated power of 10.4kw, and both the boom cylinder and the arm cylinder are cushioned and shock-absorbing, and a pressure relief system is provided in the hydraulic auxiliary line. The mechanical energy output from the engine is almost completely converted into hydraulic energy. Two high-efficiency gear pumps and one plunger pump are used to provide more variable flow to the hydraulic system. This guarantees that it has both strength and speed.

The power of the E20 can't be underestimated. Its standard stick digging force can reach 10371N, and the bucket digging force is up to 20835N! For ordinary earthwork, it can be easily done, and even it can be installed with various types of attachments such as breakers, soil drills, buckets, trowels, etc., which are widely used in various types of earthwork construction.

E20 can be equipped with various types of attachments such as breakers, soil drills, buckets, trowels, etc.

Although the body is small, the E20 provides a large legroom for the operator, which brings a spacious working environment, and it is equipped with a floating shock-absorbing seat to improve the comfort during work.

In terms of durability, the Bobcat E20 is made of highly durable material; the offset cylinder is mounted on the left hand side to minimize the possibility of damage to surrounding objects; the stability has reached the level of the same level of long tail-end models The high-strength cast steel back baffle ensures the durability of the equipment; its layout is reasonable, the main components such as the three filters are at your fingertips, and the daily maintenance is very convenient; the position of the butter filling port is also carefully designed, and the daily maintenance is easy and convenient. .

Flexibility is extraordinary, excellence is beyond imagination! This is the Bobcat E20 excavator, a classic small digging product that can ignore the limitations of space and give full play to its strength! From municipal gardens to subway construction, from rural demolition and construction to farmland operations, from outdoor to indoor, let the E20 micro-digging take you on a journey to create wealth!

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