How to Buy an Affordable Used Manual Stacker

The manual stacker truck is the most widely used transport tool in modern logistics. The main function of the manual stacker truck is the stacking and stacking of the upper and lower cargoes. It is the vertical cargo transport and is widely used in factories, workshops, warehouses, stations, docks, etc. Department. The low price is the main reason why most people buy used manual stackers. Only a half price or even a lower price can be used to buy a second-hand manual stacker with low quality and high price. What do you need to pay attention to when you are in a high car?



The price is definitely the top priority of everyone's attention. The average price of an ordinary manual stacker is between 2,000 and 4,000, and some good quality prices are above 3,000. After knowing the original price, the price of a used car is well estimated. Of course the price is too cheap Ken is a bit tricky.

Paint effect

In general used stackers, the paints were refurbished, but the paint could not be vague. First, the hand touch was very smooth, the paint evenly colored, and the nose smelled and smelled. On the contrary, paint smeared unevenly, and some places can even see the black steel through the thin paint, which indicates that the manual stacker may perform poorly when working.

Hydraulic cylinder

As the main transmission device of the manual stacker, the hydraulic cylinder is very important and is the most important power component of the vehicle. Good quality manual used stacker, the outer wall of the cylinder is mostly covered with black paint, and the touch is even. In terms of cylinder diameter, the greater the load, the corresponding increase in size. On the contrary, poor quality manual hydraulic stackers do not work well.

Fork quality

Many good manual forks use a forged fork, which is a solid steel fork. This kind of fork can be very thin. The front section can be less than 1 cm to facilitate the fork to pick up the goods. On the contrary, the poor fork of the stacker truck is a welded steel plate with sharp edges and is easily damaged by other goods.

In the end, before purchasing a second-hand manual stacker, you can use your hand to push an empty vehicle. You feel it is very easy to push it down and there is no other noise in the vehicle. At the same time, it is necessary to use hydraulic pressure to use the following hydraulic lifting function to see if it is very easy, whether the lifting is stable and whether each hydraulic pressure is the same strength and the same distance is increased. When the pressure drop drops, it can adjust the valve accurately. How is the sound of the cylinder when it falls?

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