How to solve the problem of LED display screen? Finally attracted!

Many people do not know how to solve the problem of LED display screens, because many people are afraid that they will get in touch with which switch will lead to more serious Huaping. In fact, there are many reasons why small-pitch LED display screens cannot display normally. Here, Xiao Bian has done some related reorganizations on the causes of LED screens, and believes that the reasons are as follows:
1, the new small-pitch LED display just installed on the power to spend, then the vast majority of reasons is because the LED software control card set the scan is not right, and the other is the cable is not inserted here.
2. If it is because of the phenomenon of Huaping found after a period of use, most of the reasons are control card failures. The reason for the largest failure of the control card is the damage to the chip or the power source caused by the leakage of the LED panel.
To solve this kind of problem, you can try to connect a DVI interface monitor and observe whether the DVI output of the graphics card is normal. In addition, the cause of the small pitch LED display screen, but also may be graphics and driver problems. If it is really a video card and drive problem, we suggest that you can try to replace the network cable behind the display card with the debug button on the receiving card to see if the display box scan is normal. The last one may cause the cause of the small pitch LED display screen to be shared here.
1, LED screen can not display.
Solution: Check whether the power supply of the display is normal, whether there is strong input, will not lead to low or high.
2, LED electronic display does not show normal, fuzzy is not clear and the like.
Solution: Check whether the parameter setting of the LED control card is correct and whether the communication line is communicating properly.
3, some screen display screen is not normal, such as a black screen, blurred flower screen.
Solution: Check if the power supply is working properly and if the signal transmission line of the screen fails.
The last LED display output related issues. 1. Check whether the output interface to the signal output IC line is wrong, whether there is a short circuit or the like. 2. Check whether the clock lock of the output port is abnormal or not. There will be insufficient signal. I believe that as long as the friends do the above points, I believe that the issue will not happen again for the small-pitch LED display screen.

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