Shaanxi's first corn seed ear drying production line put into operation

It is reported that the first maize seed ear drying production line in Shaanxi Province was completed and put into production in Xiangyang District.
Xiangyang District is a large agricultural area and also a large corn planting area. The planting area is stable at about 430,000 mu. In recent years, Xiangyang District Agricultural Machinery Center has introduced large-scale high-performance corn sowing and harvesting machinery. The mechanization of corn production has achieved rapid development. Corn planting has reached 90%, corn planting has reached about 85%, and corn machinery harvest has been implemented from demonstration to promotion. In the transformation, the area exceeded 150,000 mu.

However, with the development of science and technology and the improvement of the level of mechanization, the processing and storage after corn harvest has become the final bottleneck that restricts the mechanized production of corn in the Shuyang District. Through the strong support of the agricultural and agricultural machinery departments and the joint efforts of related companies, the first maize seed ear drying production line in Shaanxi Province was completed and put into production in the Shuyang District.

The project is located in Luheze Village, Fenheze Township, Xiangyang District, covers an area of ​​200 acres, a total investment of 32.30 million yuan, and annual production and processing of 10,000 tons of corn seed ear. The production line uses advanced production technology and processing equipment to fully automate the processes of feeding, conveying, drying, threshing, storage, and selective processing to realize automatic assembly line operations. Farmers can directly sell corn seeds from the field and sell them to the seed production enterprises, eliminating the need for threshing, cool drying, storage and transportation. The impact of climate on the seeds has been reduced, and the cycle of natural drying for farmers is overcome.

The completion of this production line has greatly improved the quality of seed production, saved the use of seeds, reduced production costs, and solved the problem that the full mechanized production of corn in Luyang District received processing and storage from sowing, and realized that the company became a product innovation and business. The main body of breeding has promoted farmers to increase production and income, and vigorously promoted the full mechanization of maize production in the Yuyang District and the overall level of the corn seed production industry.

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