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Cheng Li Special Purpose Vehicle Co., Ltd. has always been based on the "quality of survival, reputation is to ensure that the integrity of others, flexible management, high quality and low price, pay attention to efficiency." Through the joint efforts of all employees in the past year, they have won honors such as “Customer Satisfaction Enterprise”, “Top Ten Taxpaying Enterprise”, “Special Vehicle Base Enterprise”, “China Famous Brand”, “Dongfeng Best Special Vehicle Cooperation Award”, etc. title.

In 2013, Cheng Li Corporation firmly believed that under the correct leadership of party committees and governments at all levels, all the cadres and employees of Cheng Li Co., Ltd. will unite as one and strive for success to turn challenges into opportunities, turn pressure into motivation, and will surely overcome the advancement. All kinds of difficulties will be comprehensively increased investment, strengthen technological transformation and the development of new products, foster new economic growth points, and effectively improve the financial management of the company The company will work harder and harder and make persistent efforts to create a new glory, and strive to Suizhou local economic construction Make greater contribution to social development!
Cheng Li Special Purpose Vehicle Co., Ltd. - a well-known domestic landscaping, petrochemical, municipal sanitation, pressure vessel special car manufacturers. Specializing in the production and sale of sprinklers, tank cars (fuel cars, oil trucks), garbage trucks, suction dung Vehicles, sewage suction trucks, truck cranes (with truck crane trucks), aerial vehicles, chemical vehicles, semi-trailers and other eighteen series of more than 300 models. Has a large-scale equipment 430 and 8 assembly line, year Production capacity 5000 special vehicles. The company has its own export rights, products are sold throughout the country and many countries and regions in the world, access to customers widely praised. For more information, please call the Welcome to Cheng Li company website

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