Distinguish between Dongfeng 145 Sprinkler and Dongfeng 153 Sprinkler

Distinguish between Dongfeng 145 Sprinkler and Dongfeng 153 Sprinkler

Distinguish Dongfeng 145 Sprinklers and Dongfeng 153 Sprinklers First of all, from the perspective of price, with the same type of chassis, Dongfeng 145 is cheaper than Dongfeng 153 is about 1 million; from the perspective of water tonnage, Dongfeng 145 sprinkler loading water 8 -10 tons, Dongfeng 153 sprinklers loaded 12-15 tons of water;
There is the announcement of which model to watch, such as the Dongfeng 153EQ1168 chassis, the tire model is a 10.00-20, engine horsepower is 180 to 190 horsepower. Dongfeng 153EQ5160 chassis, there are two types of tires: 9.00-20 and 10.00-20, engine horsepower has 170, also has 190 horsepower. So, we must observe the details:
At first glance, the difference between Dongfeng 145 and 153 chassis can't be seen from the exterior. However, if you look closely, you will find:
The specifications and models of the tires are different: Dongfeng 145 chassis is standard with 9.00-20 nylon tires, Dongfeng 153 is standard with 10.00-20 nylon tires;
The number of tire bolts is different: Dongfeng 145 has 8 front wheel screws and Dongfeng 153 has 10 front wheel screws.
Engine horsepower is not the same: Dongfeng 145 and Dongfeng 153 chassis can choose Cummins and Yuchai engine, Dongfeng 145 sprinkler chassis standard engine horsepower is generally 140 horsepower to 170 horsepower, and Dongfeng 153 sprinkler chassis standard is generally 180 horsepower To 190 horsepower.
Maybe the user will ask, these two problems are well resolved, the 145 tires replaced with 153 tires, and then change the engine does not come to an end, this suspicion is correct, how do we go deep into preventing profiteers?
We carefully look at the thickness and length of the leaf springs of the two chassis. The Dongfeng 145 chassis leaf spring adopts the national standard 8/11 8 pieces, each piece has a thickness of 16mm, and the Dongfeng 153 leaf spring adopts the national standard 8/11 8 pieces. Each piece has a thickness of 20mm. Dongfeng 153 series is 156mm longer than Dongfeng 145 series leaf springs.
The front axle and the rear axle are different: Dongfeng 145 is a 5-ton platform truck with Dana's 3.6-ton I-shaped front axle and 9-ton deceleration rear axle; Dongfeng 153 Bridge is an 8-ton platform truck with Dana. 5 ton I-shaped front axle, 10 ton deceleration rear drive axle.
The material and shape of the air intake cap are different: the upper part of the Dongfeng 145 air filter device is a round iron cap, while the upper part of the Dongfeng 153 air filter is a plastic square cap;
The above is the difference between the Dongfeng 145 and Dongfeng 153 chassis details, profiteers, after all, is a minority, as long as you buy the Dongfeng 153 sprinkler, when the vehicle inspection, pay attention to these details, it will prevent the dealer fisheyes. Most sprinkler manufacturers will not make such a tactic. Therefore, the purchase of a sprinkler must be purchased by a regular professional manufacturer and distributor of sprinklers.
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