· Taxi driver "departure tide" highlights the industry change

With the Uber, Shenzhou, Didi and other car software entering the taxi industry, the taxi industry has been hit hard. After fierce market competition, taxi drivers have been leaving the market in Beijing and Shanghai recently. The taxi companies in Shanghai, Volkswagen, Johnson & Johnson, and Haibo have repeatedly issued recruitment notices to ease the tide of the departure. influences.
In this regard, the relevant person in charge of Beijing North Taxi Co., Ltd. said in an interview with the reporter of China Sankei Shimbun: "The current situation does not affect the company very much, but the company cannot be sure if the taxi drivers continue. Whether the resignation will have a greater impact on the company. The main reason for the departure of taxi drivers is that the car software touches the bottom line of taxi drivers. At present, the average monthly income of taxi drivers in Beijing will drop by more than 10%. The profit margin is also continuing to decline, and the detailed data is still in the further statistics." As for the income subsidies of taxi drivers, most taxi companies have indicated that they can only continue to implement taxi driver subsidy standards in accordance with the original industry system, industry regulations and industry policies.
In the battle between taxis and special cars, the special car software has come to the forefront, and the preferential rewards are generous. The taxis face a heavy loss of customers. A passenger told reporters, "The reason why I prefer to choose a special car now is because the driver of the car is more stable, the environment inside the car is cleaner and the service is more thoughtful and user-friendly. The car will also be equipped with wet wipes, mineral water, Chargers, umbrellas and other equipment, APP reservations are also very convenient, so even if the fare is expensive, you are willing to choose a special car." The reason why taxis are less likely to win the favor of consumers than the special car, one of the reasons is because the service quality of the taxi itself is relatively low compared to the special car, and can not meet the increasing desire of the public.
According to the survey, taxi drivers are engaged in different positions after leaving their posts, and some drivers turn to special drivers. However, not only is the competition between the special car and the taxi industry becoming more and more fierce, but the internal competition in the private car industry is becoming more and more intense.
According to a special driver, Mr. Li, “the income of the car driver is indeed higher than that of the taxi driver, but it is not as high as imagined. Most of the income depends on the reward, plus the subsidy coefficient of the special car software is getting more and more. low". Mr. Li also said, "It is not easy to grab a single order now. It is easy to receive 3-4 orders every day in April this year. It is very good to receive 2-3 orders every day. Every time I hear it, I will hear it. When the ringtone is single, when the phone is turned on, most of the orders have been taken away. The main reason is not because of the competition in the same industry or the loss of platform users, but the bad competition of the single software. Some drivers use the software to perform the software. Violation of the rules, so that many drivers can not receive orders or receive fewer and fewer orders. The function of the single-single software is similar to the spike software in online shopping, and it can quickly grab a list.
In the face of fierce market competition, will the taxi industry make corresponding adjustments? When asked if Beijing would also lower the contracting indicators of the taxi industry (commonly known as “money money”) like Shanghai, the person in charge of the company said that Shanghai’s previous contracting indicators were about 2000-3000 yuan higher than Beijing’s. It is easy to understand, and the current administrative expenses in Beijing are already relatively low. It may be difficult to lower the adjustment.
Adjusting the amount of subsidies and reducing the amount of money, although as an effective means can alleviate the fluctuations of the taxi industry to a certain extent, reduce the occurrence of the departure tide, but also need to taxi to better solve this problem. Companies and drivers continue to improve the quality of service and vehicle hardware facilities, enhance their competitiveness, and let the public be willing to re-select a taxi. The head of Beijing North Taxi Co., Ltd. also said that although the wages of taxi drivers are reduced, the company and drivers will not only lower the service level, but will continue to stick to their positions, insist on improving their service quality and do their jobs. , serving the public.

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