Superfine mill working characteristics

Tricyclic medium speed mill Three speed intermediate mill

"Four" three medium ultra-fine grinding machine 1, the characteristics of low investment costs. With the same fineness, less investment is required than air flow mills, the cost is low, and the investment recovery period is short; 
2. The same fineness and power consumption, more than 45% higher output with jet mill and agitator mill; 
3. Wearing loss is low, all wearable parts are made of high wear-resistant materials, which is longer than the life of wearing parts of common milling machine equipment;
4. Safe and reliable operation in the grinding chamber, and better sealing performance compared to ordinary rolling mill;
5. Higher finished product fineness, product fineness can reach 325-3500 items;
6. Environmental protection, no pollution. The pulse dust collector has high efficiency, a complete set of dust-free pollution equipment during operation, muffler muffler and housing distribution and noise reduction, according to the national environmental standards of production, environmental protection of the surrounding environment.

Aluminum Die Casting Automobile AC Compressor Comp FEATURES:

During the process of die casting, molten metal is injected into two parts of a shape (the die), which are stuck together. The metal is injected under high pressure. After it has cooled, the two parts of the die come loose and the part is removed. Because the same die is used again and again, each part comes out looking exactly the same. The process of designing the die is the only technically difficult part of the operation. A lot of factors have to be considered to make sure that no air gets trapped inside the molten metal when it is injected and calculations on the draft angle have to be made to make it possible for the part to be ejected easily. This process is used in almost every industry in the world and it is unlikely that you are not surrounded by items right now that have been created through a die casting process.

  •   Strength and weight – Thin wall castings of die cast Automotive Parts are stronger and lighter than those possible with other casting methods. Plus, because die castings do not consist of separate parts welded or fastened together, the strength of automotive components after die casting is that of the alloy rather than the joining process.
  •   Multiple finishing techniques – Die cast automotive parts can be produced with smooth or textured surfaces, and they are easily plated or finished with a minimum of surface preparation.

Automobile AC Compressor Comp

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