Laser Industry Development Status and Trend Analysis

The laser industry is a high-tech industry with a rapid development speed. It has penetrated into all walks of life and formed a variety of light source technologies and application systems.

Overview of laser development Global laser industry development status The laser industry chain can be divided into upper, middle and lower reaches of the three parts: the upstream is mainly laser materials and supporting components; the middle reaches of a variety of lasers and supporting equipment; the downstream is mainly laser applications , consumer products, equipment, etc. At present, the market value of laser-related products and services can be as high as trillions of dollars every year, from high-end optical fibers to common bar code scanners!

In 2012, lasers made progress from scientific innovation to industrial "tools", and it is now time to consider developing new application areas that may improve the "slow and steady" 5%--6% of the laser market for a long time. The composite average growth rate (CAGR) makes it grow at a double-digit rate.

Development status of China's laser industry Although China's laser industry has made great progress in recent years, but have to admit that there is still a clear gap between China's laser industry (especially in the laser core devices) and the laser industry developed countries, mainly reflected in The following aspects:

The degree of achievement transformation and industrialization is relatively low: In the process of forming economies of scale, the importance of achievement transformation and industrialization is self-evident. The gap between theoretical research and foreign countries in China's laser technology is relatively small. It is synchronized with foreign countries in almost every aspect and has its own advantages in some aspects. However, as research results are mainly concentrated in research institutes and universities, many scientific research achievements have been shelved. , unable to achieve industrialization.

Basic research power is weak: Research and development are mainly in the track and small batch production stage. The scale and industrial production technology required by the laser industry has not yet achieved a substantial breakthrough, especially in the high-end semiconductor laser field, which restricts the overall laser equipment. Increased performance.

The slow progress of key laser device technologies: A considerable number of laser devices and components produced by domestic research have not yet met the requirements of the complete machine and system, resulting in foreign devices occupying a considerable share of the domestic market and shrinking the market demand for domestic devices. On the other hand, domestically-manufactured device production has been dependent on several scientific research institutes, and its production and supply are in a relatively monopolistic position, affecting the development of the laser industry. With the recent years, many companies such as Guoke Century, Zhongke Meiman, Wuhan Ruike, Suzhou Tucson Laser, Jupiter, Chuangxin Laser and Anyang Laser have entered the field of fiber lasers. China is in the field of fiber lasers. The situation of relying solely on imports has improved.

Global laser market size According to OFweek Industry Research Center, in 2013, the global industrial laser market sales reached US$3.141 billion, an increase of 8.91% compared to 2012 sales of US$2.884 billion, but still lower than the previous year's forecast. The data grows by 11.6%.
2010 - 2018 Global Industrial Laser Market Size (in millions of US dollars)

In 2015, global industrial laser sales will reach US$3.797 billion, an increase of 12.04% over 2014. At the same time, with the advancement of technology and market demand, high-power lasers and new laser products and applications have become the focus of research and development of major companies. New types of high-power fiber lasers, semiconductor lasers, and ultraviolet lasers, such as the 10,000-watt class, are becoming more and more mature and become the core equipment for the development of the laser industry. OFweek Industry Research Center expects that the global industrial laser market will reach 5.431 billion U.S. dollars by 2018.

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Grain cleaning machine Gravity Stone Remover
after raw material cleaning in grain  processing plants, to grading grain, concentrate to clean impurities, (such as blighted wheat, small corn cobs, etc.) and to remove sand, mud.  It use wind, vibrating and sieving effect matching technology, to be high efficiency, great performance on grading and separating gravel, mud pieces, low power consumption, no dust leakage, low noise, easy operation and maintenance.

1. Advanced design and excellent fabricating
2. Reliable and excellent stone separation and efficient cleaning
3.High specific capacity
4. Easy operation and maintenance
5. Two options: with or without air-recycling system.
6.  A fan is equipped on the air-recycling type and a special separator is installed ahead of the fan. The separator deflects the aspirated air through a lamellar system so that dust and chaff are separated from the air and dischar
ged by an airlock valve while the cleaned air is recycled by the fan in the air return pipe to the destoner

1.The machine is designed for separating stones from a continuous product stream
2.On the basis of differences in specific gravity, reliable removal of highdensity impurities such as stones and pieces of metal and glass is achieved.
3. Versatile application in flour mills, rice mills, feed mils and seeds selection processing.

1.The sieve box which is normally equipped with two layer sieves is supported by hollow rubber springs and is caused to oscillate by one or twovibrators depending on machine execution.
2.The grain is spread by a feeder across the entire width of the machine, and then the product stream is stratified on the pre separation screen according to its specific gravity by the oscillating motion of the screen and by the air flowing through the product from bottom to top. The light particles collect at the top, and the heavy ones including the stones at the bottom.
3.The lower layer with the heavy particles flows upward and is fed to the final separation zone of the bottom de-stoning screen. Final separation of the stones from the grain is accomplished by a countercurrent of air.
4. The stone free product streams on the two screens float on cushions of air, flowing slowly toward the product outlet, and then are discharged through the squeezed rubber valves.
5. To achieve the optimum degree of separation, the inclination of the screens, the air volume and final separation can be adjusted accordingly.
The process of flour milling:
The process of flour milling (from corn to milled into corn flour) usually consists of the following:
1. corn storage (silos, or warehouse)
2. cleaning system (sifter, destoner, seprater, magnet, scourer, etc)
3. dampening (dampener, conditioning silos, etc)
4. milling system (roller mill, plansifter, purifier, impact detacher, etc.)
5. Flour pressure and blending system (if need)
6. flour packing and stacking

Stone Remover

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