Jiangsu: Drying equipment helps farmers to get rid of the weather

Summer time is very tight. If you encounter continuous rain, it will not only affect summer grain output, but also affect quality and delay farming time. This year, China's large-scale rainfall coincides with the harvest season of summer crops. This will not only make farmers suffer from difficulties in harvesting and drying, but will also reduce food quality. The existence of grain dryer will enable farmers to solve the drying problem, reduce post-production losses, and even get rid of the weather.

On June 1, Yangzhou was cloudy. In the town of Dinghu, Jiangdu District, Gengkesheng, a large grain producer, is worried. Wheat has reached the harvesting season, because the field management in the early stage is doing well. This year the wheat grows well. It is estimated that the mu production capacity will reach 800 pounds, which is a big increase compared with last year's 700 kilograms per mu. However, a heavy rain on May 31 made 40% of the 300 mu of wheat he planted fall flat. Although the rain stopped on June 1st, but because the ground was still very bad, the harvesting machine couldn't get to the ground, there was still no way to harvest it. Even if the next few days were sunny and harvestable, the lodging of wheat could not be fully accepted. There will be some loss. "I have heard that it will rain in a few days. It will be a big problem," he said worriedly. If it rains continuously, the wheat sprouts and germinating wheat ears are mixed with good wheat. Quality is a problem. , it is likely not to sell.

The annoyance that Yankee encountered was not an isolated phenomenon, but it was quite common. In late May, the southern part of Jiangsu Province began to receive summer and summer harvest, and the end of May and early June was the peak of summer harvest in the Jiangsu and Jiangsu provinces. However, it happened to be raining day after day, and the rainfall was heavy. According to meteorological forecast, in the next few days, there will be a rainfall process in various parts of Jiangsu Province, which will have a great impact on summer harvest and summer crops.

Peng Dejun, a large grain producer in Chengtou Township, Sihong County, told reporters that he planted 4500 mu of wheat. If the weather is good, this year's wheat production will exceed last year's. “But I didn't think that there was so much rain recently.” He said that at present, some of the mature wheat in the fields he planted has fallen down. He fears that the increase will be “eaten” by the fallen wheat. Li Zhenhong, a horticulturist of the Agriculture Committee of Funing County, said that the daily rainfall has led to the lodging of about 5% of the county's wheat. The affected area is about 50,000 mu. Since the wheat is basically mature, it will enter a large area of ​​harvest next week. It may not have a great impact on production. “I’m afraid that the next few days of rainy weather.” He said that summer harvest is very tight in summer time. If it encounters continuous rain, it will not only affect the summer grain output, it may also affect quality, and delay farming time. “We are instructing farmers to step out of the plot. Water, as soon as the weather is fine, it will grab the crop.”

As of the morning of June 1, the city of Taizhou has harvested nearly 200,000 mu of wheat. Yuan Zhizhang, deputy chief of the planting station of the Taizhou Municipal Agriculture Commission, said that continuous rainfall has slowed the progress of harvest and has also had a certain impact on production. “A number of strong winds and heavy rains on May 15, 20, and 31 caused the lodging of some plots. We are counting the affected area and started the investigation of agricultural insurance.”

Ma Deyun, director of the Agricultural Bureau of the Provincial Agriculture Commission, said that the spring and summer season is often a time when climate change is frequent. High-precipitation and other extreme climates are more likely to occur, while summer harvests and summers are tight, and the grain harvest in Jiangsu has always been high. "See God's complexion" and "grab the seeds". Suzhong and northern Jiangsu provinces in Jiangsu Province are the major grain-producing areas. In addition to some wheat harvested, large-scale harvesting still takes about a week. “These days are a critical period for the summer harvest. Under the premise of fickle weather, the harvest has become a harvest and it is going to overcome many difficulties.” He said that for the continuous rainy weather and the Meiyu period in the future, the agricultural departments in different parts of the country must weather the weather. The departments of water conservancy and water conservancy shall strengthen communication and communication, timely grasp the weather changes during summer collection and summer season, and issue disaster warning information for possible severe weather. Prepare and dispatch summer harvesting agricultural machinery as soon as possible, and prepare well for wheat drying, warehousing and wheat field fire prevention and wind protection facilities. At the same time, local agricultural technicians should promptly go down to the grassroots level to guide farmers to discharge water in the field in time and clear the gully to prevent further wheat lodging and wheat sprouting. For mature fields, especially high maturity, high humidity in the field, and prone to sprouting plots, we must guide farmers to seize the appropriate period, seize the rain gap, harvest in time, and achieve a mature harvest.

According to the relevant person in charge of the Provincial Grain Bureau, due to the large area of ​​summer in Jiangsu Province, and the current market wheat price is lower than the national minimum purchase price, Jiangsu Province will start the acquisition of summer grain in the near future. However, the person in charge reminded that this year in some parts of Jiangsu Province, wheat appeared scab, the summer harvest season also encountered a few days of rain and led to a small amount of wheat germination, farmers must pay attention to the quality of wheat in the summer grain sales, remove the unqualified wheat through sieve "The wheat that cannot meet the quality requirements of the city can not be purchased at the prevailing market price."

Yuan Zhizhang introduced that, in addition to seizing the harvest, the grain department in Taizhou City has started a large number of drying equipment to ensure that grain grains go to the warehouse. He said, “Before the sunny days of food, two or three suns would be needed to dry. Now that rice is harvested, it can be sent to the dryer. One ton of rice can be dried in half an hour and it can be dried. Not only does it save time and effort, the insurance coefficient also improves.” He hoped that the meteorological modernization construction must be refined to serve agriculture, rural areas and farmers. At the same time, we must vigorously promote the food mechanization drying equipment. Only in this way, Jiangsu’s grain harvest can no longer look “old.” Day face."

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