Parking system upgrade, taking pictures more convenient

The problem of parking has always been heated and discussed by the people like the ants on the hot pot, but many parking lots still maintain their original appearance, causing great difficulties for people to park. In the past two years, manufacturers of parking lot systems have also been making continuous efforts. The application of license plate recognition systems has changed the way vehicles enter and exit from parking lots in the past. The original equipment for taking cards in and out of parking lots has been upgraded to devices for taking pictures in and out of parking lots to make people stop. More convenient.

The traditional parking system has been used for many years. Although it has been continuously upgraded in terms of functions, it has not been able to save the work of card management. The owner still enters or leaves the parking lot by issuing management cards or taking cards at the ticket box. The problem of entering and exiting the parking lot in places with high traffic flow has continued to this day. The successful application of the license plate recognition system in the parking lot changed the management mode of the parking lot that lasted for decades, reaching the present unattended. When the license plate recognition system is put into use, it will be affected by some external environment, such as the lighting conditions of the external environment, the speed of the gate brake, and the following problems. As the technology matures, the license plate recognition system is now widely used. In all fields.

Compared with the traditional parking lot system, the license plate recognition parking lot system not only changes the management mode of the parking lot entrance and exit, but also creates a good parking environment for people, and the installation of the equipment is convenient. Compared with the card parking lot system, the commissioning is also more effective. Simple, whether for the user or the manufacturer, the license plate recognition parking system is a relatively favored device.

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Coupling Transform Project: The energy saving transformation has mentioned the coupling from 200-600MW, including all kinds of Voith couplings from German, for example, R15K551.1, R15K550, R17K.2E, R16K400M, R18K500, and Ebara couplings from Japan, for example GCH104-47A. And mentioned various kinds of booster pumps, for example, YNKN300/200J, FA1D56A, YNKN350/250J, YNKN400/300L, YNKN300/200-20B, SQ300-670, YNKN300-200J KSB, FA1D56G....

Until now, we have finished energy saving transformation for more than 20 power plants both domestic and abroad, the earliest Ningxia Maliantai Power Plant has already energy saving operated for 6 years.

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Coupling Transform Project

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