·Incremental license plate transaction price in Shenzhen is 22,000 more than Guangzhou's more than 30%

The lottery and bidding for the first batch of small car increments in Shenzhen have ended. The Shenzhen Automobile Incremental Control Platform announced the bidding price of the license plate on the afternoon of March 10, the average individual transaction price was 22,173 yuan, and the average unit transaction price was 33,240 yuan, which was higher than the turnover of Guangzhou's incremental license plate individuals and units this year. price. Shenzhen's first phase of the 2015 allocation of ordinary car bidding indicators of 4445, including personal incremental indicators of 3912, unit increment indicators of 533.
The average price of the Guangzhou incremental bidding license plate in February this year was 14,331 yuan, and the average unit price was 12,391 yuan. Affected by Shenzhen's purchase restrictions, Guangzhou's license plate transaction price has also risen for two consecutive months. For Shenzhen, the auction price of this auction is still higher than that of Guangzhou. Many Shenzhen 4S shop owners said in an interview with the “First Financial Daily” reporter that this is expected, in addition to the purchase limit, Shenzhen is still at the peak. Outside the traffic time limit, this will block the car of the foreign license plate to a certain extent. At present, Shenzhen has only 100,000 license plate indicators for one year's lottery and bidding. It is definitely in short supply. It is expected that the price of Shenzhen license plates will continue to show a trend of higher in the future.
Last year, Shenzhen's auto market staged the last madness before the restriction, with the number of cars on the 498,100 cars ranking first in Guangdong Province. “In recent years, Shenzhen’s auto sales have risen rapidly. In addition to the improvement of Shenzhen’s auto consumption capacity, there is also a great relationship with Guangzhou’s purchase restriction. After the purchase, Guangzhou consumers rushed to the surrounding cities to buy cars, including Shenzhen and Guangzhou. (Shenzhen brand) cars suddenly increased, while the number of local cars in Guangzhou has shrunk. In 2011, the number of cars on Guangzhou was 226,200. After the purchase on July 1, 2012, it shrank to 149,200. Guangzhou Last year, the number of cards was only 156,200. Since Guangzhou is not yet limited, some sales staff in Guangzhou 4S stores can help customers to sign in the surrounding cities through some methods. However, the restrictions on Shenzhen 4S stores are expected to be imposed by Shenzhen. More than Guangzhou." A car industry insider analyzed the "First Financial Daily" reporter on March 10.
Shenzhen, a self-owned brand 4S shop sales staff said that after the purchase limit, the market cake has been greatly reduced, the competition is undoubtedly more fierce, and the increase in the cost of car use due to the increase in the purchase of the car will make the days of independent brands more difficult, before Beijing, Shanghai, After the purchase of Guangzhou and other cities, the market share of self-owned brands will continue to decline.
In addition, after Shenzhen's purchase restriction, the industry once thought that it would promote the new energy vehicle heat, which will bring more opportunities to promote the new energy vehicle's own brand, and the result of the Shenzhen Electric Vehicle Index's winning number on the 9th was astounding. The private consumption market for new energy vehicles is not optimistic. In the first phase of Shenzhen, the number of increments of cars allocated by the lottery method was 6,667, including 4,445 increments of ordinary cars, of which 3912 were individual ordinary car increments, and the individual ordinary car increments were fully configured. The probability of winning is about 3.19%, which is equivalent to 31 people grabbing one indicator; the number of incremental indicators for electric cars is 2222, including 1955 individual indicators, 267 unit indicators, and the result is only 471 electric car increment indicators and The increment index of 5 units of electric cars found the “Baojia”. There were 1481 individual indicators and 262 unit indicators were not used, that is, the individual and unit electric car index scrap rate reached 75.75% and 98% respectively.

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