·Hebei road passenger fare increased for the first time in 2015

Following the five consecutive reductions in the fare of the provincial passenger line, since 0:00 on March 6, 2015, the 225 line fares of the five major passenger stations of the provincial capital have been raised for the first time in 2015, and the upward adjustment interval is 1-3 yuan. Passengers who take the bus out of the car pay attention to the price adjustment notice.

The reporter learned that the Hebei Provincial Price Bureau "revision of the province's refined oil prices" [2015] No. 4 announcement, according to the Provincial Price Bureau, the Department of Transportation "Notice on the implementation of the road passenger transport price and refined oil price linkage mechanism" ( According to the provisions of the [2012] No. 11), the road passenger fuel surcharge standard has been adjusted to 0.006 yuan/person kilometer since 0:00 on March 6.

Since the fuel surcharge for road passenger transportation is directly included in the fare, the five passenger stations affiliated to the hub will adjust the existing fares according to the standard of the road passenger fuel surcharge of 0.006 yuan/person kilometer. The hub center actively re-calculated the fares and completed the procedures for filing with the transportation management and price departments.

The reporter learned from the main hub organization management center of Shijiazhuang Highway that there are 387 lines in the five medium and short-distance passenger stations of the Canal Bridge Passenger Station, Nanjiao Passenger Station, Baifo Bus Terminal, Xiwang Bus Terminal and Passenger North Station. The sub-price adjustment involves 225 lines, accounting for 58% of the total number of lines, and the upward adjustment range is 1 yuan to 3 yuan. For example: Shijiazhuang - Jinshan, the original fare is 28 yuan, now adjusted to 29 yuan; Shijiazhuang - Yuncheng, the original fare is 172 yuan, now adjusted to 175 yuan.

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