Second-hand car electricity supplier brush face star burning war prelude

Once an emerging industry enters the stage of celebrity brushing, it means the war of burning money is about to begin. Wu Xibo, the “National Uncle,” who had just become the spokesperson for the “Goddess Day” promoted by the Ping An Group in the female market, quickly spokes for the safety of the car official website and called for female customers to “about me to sell cars”. Another second-hand car e-commerce company, Car King, has taken the lead in making use of the “national father-in-law” Han Han who loves racing as an investor. The old and young two men make the smell of used car e-commerce market aggravate.
On the surface, second-hand car electricity providers looking for “male gods” endorsements are merely marketing gimmicks, but they highlight the further upgrade of the used car electric traders’ money-burning war. Since 2014, the second-hand car electricity supplier industry has become the new darling of the capital market, frequently reaching tens of millions or even billions of dollars in financing. On January 22 of this year, the B2B model used car e-commerce company Che Yipai received a D-round financing of US$110 million. The king of vehicles in the round of financing in February of this year also reached 100 million US dollars. After financing these second-hand car e-commerce vendors, they quickly set up a number of stores in various cities, and used second-hand cars to detect second-hand cars and other means to attract second-hand car sources. The number of tradable car sources is exactly what the second-hand car e-commerce companies are competing for.
At present, most of the second-hand car e-commerce companies only act as trading platforms. The car king's money-burning model adopts a heavy asset-based operating model that involves a large number of wholly-owned car purchases, while the safety car is based on the 20 million auto insurance customers of the Pingan University for big data mining. In the layout stores, the entire used car e-commerce industry has become increasingly competitive in 2015. Brushing face stars is only a prelude to the war on money.

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