The Function of Corn Breeding Automatic Seed Tester in Maize Seed Production

Maize has a very important link in the breeding process, that is, test seeding, which requires the screening of agricultural trait types, species information, etc., collecting information for a long time, aiming at the backwardness of the state of our country’s maize breeding supporting technology and equipment, large-scale, The procedural and data-based demand for modern agricultural breeding has closely integrated modern information technology with breeding work and breeding test business processes, and has developed an automatic corn harvesting test with parameters such as ear weight, spike length, cob weight and grain length. Seed meter, to achieve the automation of the test process, intelligent, reduce labor costs, remove human error interference, improve the efficiency of corn test, and achieve technological innovation of corn breeding equipment, is of great significance to improve the efficiency of corn breeding.

The corn breeding automatic tester includes corn automatic tester software and hardware equipment. Corn Breeding Automatic Tester Software has 9 functional components including basic information prompt bar, measurement button, measurement wizard, result comparison window, acquisition window, calculation data list, calculation control progress bar, operation prompt and alarm reminder bar; The instrumentation hardware integrates devices such as workstations, industrial digital cameras, acquisition cards, load cells, motor controllers, LED light sources, and cabinets, which are portable, compact, and lightweight.

The corn seedling automatic tester's measurement acquisition time is 20s/sample, the measurement form is automatic measurement, the measurement error is controlled within 3%, and it effectively replaces the simple manual test seeding work.

China's corn breeding units mainly include breeding companies, agricultural universities, and agricultural research institutes. In the test process, problems such as the large amount of artificial labor, low observation efficiency, and unacceptable accuracy of human-interference testing are commonly solved. The automatic breeding instrument for corn breeding will effectively alleviate the current situation and provide high-efficiency intellectual support for scientific testing, which is extremely important for increasing the efficiency of corn breeding. The market prospect is very broad.

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