Jianghuai Weiling Oil Tanker

Vehicle name

Refuelling vehicle

Fuel Notice / Environmental Notice

Yes / No

Chassis model


company address

No. 99 , West District, Jiefang Road, Suizhou City


Xiagong Chusheng ( Hubei ) Special Purpose Vehicle Co., Ltd.

Announcement batch / release date

2001m5 225/20110503

Catalog number / product number

( 17 )79/ZJJHL3FC02U

engine model

CY4102-C3D (110 hp )

Engine power


engine capacity


Engine manufacturer

Dongfeng Chaoyang Diesel Engine Co., Ltd.

Overall size ( length / width / height )

6960 × 2050 × 2550

Cargo bed ( length / width / height )

  × ×

Total mass (Kg)


Load quality utilization factor


Service quality (kg)


Rated load mass (kg)


Approach angle / departure angle


Front suspension / rear suspension


Wheelbase (mm)


Axle load


Number of axes


Number of springs


Number of tires


Tire specifications


Front track


Rear track


Steering Type

steering wheel

Maximum speed


Chassis configuration

Flat-headed single row driver's cabin, equipped with Chaochai 110 hp EGR engine, 7.50-16 steel wire , 5- speed gearbox, with power steering.

Dedicated configuration

1 , the actual volume of the tank : 9.3 cubic meters , the tank dimensions ( length × long axis × short axis ) (mm): 4650 × 1980 × 1200 .

2. The can body is made of high-quality carbon steel sheet, adopts disposable coil forming technology, super heavy-duty and durable. The bottom of the middle partition of the tank has through holes, and the middle is welded with reinforced anti-wave partitions to reduce the impact force of the oil inside the tank. The outer surface of the tank is coated with anti-rust paint and decorative paint. The tank body is sprayed with explosive characters, with reflective tape, and the tank body is silver-gray.

3 , configure a dedicated oil pump, with a fast oil out of the function. Equipped with Guangdong Hengshan fuel dispensers, flow meters and so on. The truck is equipped with 2 cans of equal length tubing, 2 fire extinguishers, 1 ladder, bumpers on both sides and rear, and 1 ground wire.

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