Fire Truck 9 Measures to Prevent Your Vehicle from Spontaneous Combustion

1. Do not modify your car without permission. If it must be modified, it must be professionally modified by professional technicians.
2. Car interior materials should be selected to have fireproof performance. Once a fire occurs, the fire is not easy to spread. If the fire is serious, you must call 119 in time to have the fire engine throw in the rescue.
3, Do not put flammable items such as lighters, air fresheners, perfume, mousse, etc. on the parts of the car that are easily exposed to the sun's rays, such as on the dashboard; do not put dangerous oil such as gasoline and diesel on the inside of the car. .
4, do a good job of daily inspections of motor vehicles to prevent electrical wiring failure or poor contact caused spontaneous combustion.
5, equipped with car fire extinguishers on the car, often check whether the fire extinguisher is effective, if the actual effect should be promptly replaced.
6. During the running of the car, when the engine is running, do not pour petrol into the carburetor mouth; when using a gasoline filter, do not use gasoline to burn the oil filter core; do not use the method of suspending fire frequently; avoid dripping in the oil system; avoid The ignition switch is turned on long after the vehicle has stopped.
   7. Never park your car near flammable materials.
8, in the hot season, when the car is driving at high temperatures for a long time, should rest in the middle to allow the engine to cool down before driving, do not let the car long exposure.
9, do not smoke in the car, it is necessary to smoke, please extinguish the cigarette but then thrown into a dedicated ashtray.

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