Machine Tool Industry Focuses on Technical Transformation

Machine Tool Industry Focuses on Technical Transformation

China's machine tool industry has been at the low end of the industry because of its late start and lack of professionals. Currently, in many areas, it still has a heavy reliance on imported CNC machine tools. Training professional talents and increasing the efforts in machine tool R&D are making efforts to change this situation. However, due to the good situation in the past few years, low-end machine tools have increased a large number of companies to enter the market, resulting in the current price war due to market demand saturation, excess production capacity. According to editorial analysis, this phenomenon should arouse the attention of relevant departments, correctly guide the development of the market, and avoid the existence of vicious competition. The price war will enable enterprises to further take care of R&D capabilities, and then fall into a vicious circle and be trapped by vicious competition.

The machine tool is different from the ordinary daily consumer goods, its production quantity and enterprise development scale, should be more cautious in planning and implementation. Liang Xunhui, former director of the State Bureau of Machine Tools of the National Machinery Industry Ministry, once said that CNC machine tools are the products most closely associated with the user's individual needs in investment products, and their production and business models are multi-category, small-batch, tailor-made and complete sets. Supply, the effective organization scale and form of the entire machine tool industry is a professional and short-term enterprise portfolio.

In the environment where the prices of raw materials have risen sharply, the machine tool industry, whose profits were not high, has not had a good day. Production costs have also increased by about 10% to 20%. If the impact of the price war, it will certainly affect the mood of the industry, reduce R & D passion, the brand will only decline.

The price war is a bad style. It will result in a decline in corporate profits, and even result in the collapse of a large number of enterprises and the loss of the entire industry. Disrupt the market order, seriously damaged the overall image of the industry development and economic environment, resulting in a decline in the interests of the entire industry. In order to make up for the losses caused by product price cuts, companies can easily reduce costs by cutting corners and other means. This will inevitably result in a decline in product quality and damage the company's own credibility. The price war may not only have no effect in seizing the market, but instead smashed its own brand and made the product in the market fail. Because the company has no profit or even run at a loss, the enthusiasm of the employees is not high, and the company is bound to fall into recession.

Machine Tool Industry Focuses on Technical Transformation

At present, the source of funds for technological upgrades and product structure adjustments of enterprises is mainly self-accumulated. However, enterprises have no ability to invest funds for technical upgrades and product structure adjustments, and that is, some enterprises rely on bank loans for technical upgrading. And the adjustment of product structure, but also unable to pay the principal and interest of the bank, and finally dragged the company to death. Due to the decline in the price of machine tools, the price of functional components will be depressed by the host manufacturers. Each price reduction of the machine tool will be transmitted to the downstream machine tool accessories and accessories manufacturers, so that the downstream manufacturers can not develop new functional components, which is not conducive to the technical upgrading of functional components throughout the industry.

The machine tool industry has achieved a certain level of improvement in the industry's equipment level through successive years of technological transformation. However, from a general point of view, there is still a big gap between the technological equipment of China's machine tool industry and the international advanced level, and it is still not possible to achieve the basic requirements for manufacturing CNC machine tools using CNC machine tools, and the company’s technical equipment, research and experimental methods, and information technology level. There is still a difference in age from the international advanced level. According to the survey statistics of 84 major manufacturers of machine tool tools, the numerical control rate of equipment is only 14.5% (based on the number of machine tools in the book).

“Under the current situation, advancing technological transformation will play an important role in implementing the adjustment and revitalization plan for the equipment manufacturing industry, responding to the crisis, accelerating structural adjustment and industrial upgrading, and enhancing industrial development.” The main objective of technological transformation is to enhance the strength of independent innovation. Improving the manufacturing capability and information level of high-end CNC machine tools. To speed up the manufacturing capacity of high-speed, high-precision, composite machine tools and flexible automatic lines, improve the level of scientific research, test and testing equipment, and build technological innovation projects targeted at high-end CNC machine tools and high-performance functional parts manufacturing bases, the country has revitalized the equipment manufacturing industry. The related technological transformation plan supports, in particular, the need to strengthen support for the self-arming of self-made numerical control equipment of machine tools and tools, is very urgent and necessary.

Application Range of Poultry Feed Pellet Machine :
Pellet machine is suitable for making straw pellet, sawdust pellet and feed pellet. It is multifunction.The materials can be grain stalk,grass,sawdust,corn straw,wheat straw,corn,grain,wheat and so on.
1.For wood pellets use:
This series flat die pellet presses can be used for producing wood pellets and biomass pellets, too. Wood pellets are made of all kinds of wood waste. Biomass pellets are made of peanut sheller, corn stalk and other biomass materials. 
2.For feed pellet use:
The compressed straw piece is suitable to be used as fuels and feedstuff of animals, such as horse, sheep, deer, pig, chicken, etc. Such machines are suitable for large farms, and organic herbal medicine and chemical industry etc.

poultry feed pellet machine

Features of Poultry Feed Pellet Machine :
1. Simple to operate and clean, only 1 or 2 workers are OK.
2. Spare parts are easy to change, less cost for roller and dies.
3. The pelleting process is visible, so it is convenient to solve problems in time.
4.Driven by diesel engine, this diesel flat die pellet mill can be used in nearly everywhere in the world, especially popular for areas with shortage supply of electricity.
5.Diesel flat die pellet mill has compact structure and light weight which enable it to be moved freely and more adjustable to small pellet production.
6.Equipped with high quality alloy steel roller and die by advanced craft.The visibility design of the pelletizing chamber ensures a smooth pelletizing process and timely repairing.
7.Feed and grass meal can be directly made into pellet without adding any liquid materials.The pellets size various from dia2.5mm, 3mm, 4mm, 6mm to 8mm for different kinds of animals.

flat die pellet machine
Press Process of Poultry Feed Pellet Machine :
Firstly, put materials into the feeder and let them fall down onto a set of rotating rollers over the die; then, the materials will be compressed between the surface of die and the rotating rollers, while pellets coming out of the die they will be cut into set length by a sharp knife. The temperature is about 70°C in process, so the protein freezes, the nutritional value increases and is easy to absorbed for animals, pellets inside is ripening and outside slippy, rigid enough, suitable for long-term storage.

animal pellets

Technical Parameter of Poultry Feed Pellet Machine:



Pellets size(mm)




























Poultry Feed Pellet Machine

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