What are the main factors affecting the choice of development methods? What are the main principles of choice?

What are the main factors affecting the choice of development methods? What are the main principles of selection?

A: The main factors affecting the choice of development methods are:

(1) Geological and topographical conditions for deposits: The geological topography of deposits is the main factor affecting the choice of development methods. It plays a leading role in the development of development methods and schemes.

(2) Open-pit mine production capacity: The size of open-pit mine production capacity directly affects the type of mining and transportation equipment, and the types of transportation equipment are different, and the development methods are different.

(3) Infrastructure construction and infrastructure construction period: Reasonably reducing the amount of infrastructure construction is of great significance for shortening mine construction period, speeding construction, and reducing infrastructure equipment and infrastructure investment.

(4) Ore loss and depletion: Ore loss and depletion directly affect the utilization of mineral resources and production economic benefits.

(5) Equipment supply: In order to deepen the sustainable development of the mining industry, open-pit mines should use advanced technical equipment whenever possible.

(6) Utilization of underground development mode: According to the conditions of the ore body, the upper part is exploited by open pit and the deep part is mined underground.

The main principles of the choice of development methods: under the premise of meeting the demand, choose the production process is simple and reliable, the amount of infrastructure construction is small, the investment in infrastructure is low, the production and operation costs are low, the land occupation is small, the production is early, the production is fast, and the static and dynamic investment Develop a transportation system with short payback period and high return on investment.

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