Fast Rescue Hydraulic Retarder Received “2018 Annual Safety and Reliability Application Excellence Award”

Vehicle brake overheating causes brake failure and even tire self-ignition, how to do to endanger the safety of driving? Installation of watering device in violation of national regulations, do not install the heart and not how to do? Low speed and heavy load, low slope, low efficiency, driver's labor intensity Maybe on January 18, 2018, the organizing committee unanimously recommended “2018 Annual Safety and Reliable Applications” at the award ceremony of the third “Discover Trust – China Truck Users Survey and Selection” organized by China Recommending Award "Fast retarder can solve your problems.
Fast Fast Retarder won the 2018 annual safe and reliable application promotion award

Hydraulic retarder is a kind of vehicle driving auxiliary brake device. It converts the kinetic energy of the vehicle into thermal energy through the damping of oil, and the engine coolant fluid circulates heat, which can be used for continuous braking with high power for a long time. Although the engine cylinder brake and exhaust brake also have a certain braking effect, but for a large tonnage truck, the effect of using the engine cylinder brake or exhaust brake is limited, hydraulic slow The speeder can also be combined with the engine cylinder brake or exhaust brake for combined braking. Before this, hydraulic retarder products have been monopolized by foreign brands. Fast is China's first company to produce hydraulic retarder products. At present, it has independent intellectual property rights for its products and fills the blank of domestic technology.

When the FAST hydraulic retarder was first introduced into the market, people did not have enough knowledge of the hydraulic retarder and therefore did not have a strong market response. Since March 2016, Fast Group has invited national heavy truck dealers to participate in special retarder training and test drive activities. The products were brought to Shaanxi, Hubei, Jiangxi, Fujian, Guangzhou, Guangxi, Yunnan, etc., brought to the hands of users. At the scene of product experience, people praised the test vehicle equipped with Fast Retarder. Even said "the effect of first-class", "comfortable and safe and economical and environmental protection", "the safety of truck drivers on the insurance."

Nowadays, more and more users are running cross-regional transportation because “short down” does not make money. As long as it crosses regions, it will face various road conditions, and more than 80% of the regions in China have mountain roads. This is the target market for hydraulic retarders. Compared with other brands of hydraulic retarders, Fast is rooted in the Chinese market and has a unique matching advantage. During the R&D process, Fast's hydraulic retarder was specially designed to pass through plateaus, high temperatures, high temperatures, and long distances. Severe slope sections and other harsh natural environments and conditions, the test of road conditions.

Fast Fast

FAST hydraulic retarders generally have 4 brake gears and a constant speed gear. The brake force of 1-4 brake gear is gradually increased. The driver can use the corresponding brake gear according to different deceleration requirements. The most commonly used and most important function of the hydraulic retarder is the constant speed gear, that is, the hydraulic retarder can automatically adjust the braking force according to the vehicle weight, slope, speed and other working conditions at the constant speed to keep the vehicle running downhill at a constant speed. , effectively reduce the driver's labor intensity.

Currently, the brake torque of the FAST hydraulic retarder ranges from 2400Nm to 4000Nm, including parallel and series installations. At present, the tractors and dump trucks are mostly connected in parallel. Faster hydraulic retarder is small in size and light in weight. It is easy to install and disassemble, and has high braking torque and good braking effect. Fast Reactor hydraulic retarder has achieved batch matching with a variety of models of more than 30 domestic OEMs, and its market share has exceeded 60%.

For end users of hydraulic retarders, safety is the top priority. While reliability is important, economic benefits cannot be ignored either.

It is understood that Fast Retarder is technically safe and reliable, and it is also reliable in terms of cost savings for users. Because there is no need to install a shower device, it is not necessary to line up and add water, which saves time and money, improves operating efficiency, and can pull more than one ton of cargo; there is no need to step on the brakes to reduce the wear of brake pads and extend the life of brake pads and tires. Greatly reduce the cost of replacing the brake pads; extend the life of the brakes by 4 to 8 times, and the cost of purchasing a FAST hydraulic retarder can be recovered in less than one year.

Safety is no small matter. The installation of hydraulic retarders in commercial vehicles is not only responsible for themselves but also for the safety of others. During the winter, the safe, reliable, economical and environmentally friendly hydraulic retarder like Fast is the warmest new year gift!


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