Application background of seed QR code tags

The document “Code for the Coding of Crop Seed Labels with Two-Dimensional Codes” issued by the Ministry of Agriculture has such a clear rule that the crop seed QR code should include the following information: species name, name of producer or operator, or name of importer, unit identification Code, retroactive URL four information. The four items must be arranged in the above order, with each piece of information being on its own. The contents of the QR code information must not be missing, and the contents contained in the QR code should be consistent with the content of the label. In other words, the seed provided by the seed enterprise will be added with a seed QR code tag to enable it to have a unique “identity”. By scanning the seed QR code tag, you can understand some important seed information.

Seed QR code tags

Here, I will not talk about the importance of seed two-dimensional code tags, what changes have been brought to breeders, regulators, and consumers. What I want to say is the application background of seed two-dimensional code tags. I can also say that seed two-dimensional code tags It is under what background. Seed QR code tag is a kind of seed two-dimensional code tracing technology. With the popularization of smart phones, the development of the Internet and the improvement of two-dimensional code technology, the seed two-dimensional code label closely connects the two-dimensional code with the mobile phone. Together, the technology also has its place.

In life, we can make friends, shop, etc., can use the mobile phone to scan the function, complete the addition of friends, payment and other functions, very convenient, in addition to scanning the phone with a mobile phone, view the contents, but also allows us to obtain more quickly More comprehensive information. In the seed industry, with the seed QR code tag, people have become more convenient and quicker to learn about seed information. Take out the mobile phone and sweep away. The little information contained in the tiny QR code is in front of you. With the seed QR code tag, we can get more important information content that can't be placed on the seed package when selecting seeds.

Through the above introduction, we can know that the seed two-dimensional code label is a new technology applied with the development of information technology, and the technology is supported by two-dimensional code technology, Internet technology, and the like. It is also due to the rapid development of information technology in recent years that it has made possible the implementation and application of seed two-dimensional code labels, and has played an increasingly important role in actual production and life.

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