ZC-8 grounding resistance test instrument use and precautions

First, the test method:

1. Place the meter in a horizontal position and check that the pointer of the galvanometer is on the centerline. Otherwise, adjust it to the centerline with the zero adjuster.

2. Set the "Multiplication Scale" to the maximum multiple, slowly turn the crankshaft of the generator, and turn the "Measurement Dial" so that the pointer of the galvanometer is on the centerline.

3. When the pointer of the galvanometer approaches equilibrium, speed up the rotation of the generator crank to reach more than 120 revolutions per minute, and adjust the "measuring dial" to make the pointer point on the center line.

4. If the reading of the “measuring dial” is less than 1, the magnification should be set to a small multiple and the “measuring dial” readjusted to get the correct reading.

5. When filling in this record, it should be attached with the resistance test point plan, and the test points should be numbered sequentially.

Second, note:

1. The grounding line must be disconnected from the protected equipment to ensure the accuracy of the measurement results.

2. It is impossible to measure when the soil absorbs too much water after rain and when the climate, temperature, pressure, etc., change drastically.

3. There should be no stray current and polarized soil near the measured ground pole.

4. The probe should be far away from large metal bodies such as groundwater pipes, cables, and railways. The current pole should be more than 10m away and the voltage pole should be more than 50m away. If the above metal body is not connected to the grounding grid, the distance can be shortened by 1/2. ~1/3.

5. Pay attention to the position where the current pole is inserted into the soil and the grounding rod should be in the state of zero potential.

6, the connection line should use well-insulated wire, so as to avoid leakage phenomenon.

7, the test site can not have electrolytic material and rot bodies, so as not to cause illusion.

8, the test should be selected when the soil resistivity is large, such as when the early winter or summer dry season.

9, check the accuracy of the instrument at any time, (tested once a year to send a measurement unit identified)

10. When the sensitivity of the galvanometer is too high, the voltage probe of the potential probe can be inserted into the soil slightly. When the sensitivity of the galvanometer is not enough, it can be humidified along with the probe water injection.

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