Hand-made car cushion abuse black heart cotton harm air pollution in overtaking

Hand-woven car cushion abuse black heart cotton damage overpass air pollution diesel generator | diesel generator price / 2012-05-21

Is your car cushion safe?
Jinhua market selling cushions, mostly three no products
Black-gray cotton, gray plastic cored cushions, be careful to buy
A rain on the weekend made Jinhua cool a lot. Before entering the hot summer, many owners put the replacement car cushion on the “agenda.”
On May 8, Shanghai City, Beijing, Guangzhou and other 21 city associations and consumer newspapers of China, a total of 22 cities consumer rights protection units jointly issued a consumer warning: vigilant "black heart cotton" car seats become invisible killer. In Jinhua, is the "Black Heart Cotton" cushion likely to flow into sales vehicles to enter the owner's car? The reporter visited several department stores in downtown Jinhua.
"Ice silk cushion" sold very hot, but most of them are not packed
The reporter first visited a large market located on South Bayi Avenue in the south of the Yangtze River. Stores selling car seats were mostly concentrated in the bedding area on the second floor. Prices of the products here varied widely, ranging from 100 yuan to over a thousand yuan.
As the weather gradually turned hot, the car cushion business here has slowly been getting better, and the ice silk cushions that are popular among Jinhua owners are two or three hundred yuan.
Store Lao Chen told reporters that ice silk cushions are traditional hand-knit cushions, and materials are used in the "eco-fibers" popular in the past few years. “Like cotton and silk.” Lao Chen said that most ice silk cushions in the market are produced in Taizhou. “Most of them are made by home workshops, so there are no bags.”
Lao Chen told reporters that compared to the large-brand cushions that are frequently sold for more than 500 yuan, the public buys affordable ice silk cushions from him. They will not care about bags and manufacturers. "Anyway, most people only For three or four months, the summer will change again."
In another market on South Ssangyong Street, the price range of car seats is more concentrated, mostly between 200 and 400 yuan. “We sell hand-knit cushions here, which are generally delivered by Yiwu.” The store here is Xu. Ms. told reporters that they do not know where this is the production of cushions, also no bags, not to mention the name of the factory site.
While the more expensive rattan cushions, although there are exquisite packaging, but the reporter did not find the factory site and contact telephone.
Even if it is not "black heart cotton", "three no" cushion is still a lot of problems
Most domestic hand-made car seats are produced in Yanggu County, Shandong Province, Lanxi County and Bin County of Heilongjiang Province, Tiantai County of Zhejiang Province and Pei County of Jiangsu Province. According to the “China Consumer Daily” report, in order to reduce costs, some black-hearted enterprises in Yanggu County, Shandong Province, Boye County, Hebei Province, etc., processed waste clothes, medical waste, and clothing waste into cheap cotton as hand-made car seat cushions. Filler.
It is understood that the hazards of "black heart cotton" cushions are more serious than the air pollution in the car. Jinhua's "Three Nothing" cushions are hot sellers. Did Jinhua citizens buy "black heart cotton" cushions?
“Nobody has called for complaints about car seats this year.” The staff of the 12315 Complaint Center of the Jinhua Commercial and Industry Bureau told the reporter that although there were no complaints, there were many hidden dangers in the “three nothing” cushions that Jinhua citizens purchased. Even if it is not made of "black heart cotton," consumers will find it difficult to protect their rights when other problems arise.
High-quality hand-knitted cushions cost more than 500 yuan
In addition, the staff of the Bureau of Industry and Commerce also told reporters that there are five ways to identify the "black heart cotton" cushions:
A look: At the time of purchase, the outer layer of the cushion should be lightly peeled off to see the color of the core. Black gray cotton core cushion, gray plastic core cushion, you must be careful to buy;
Two news: Pure cotton thread burns without pungent odor, smokeless, white soot, easy to blow spontaneously. The black-wool cotton thread may be bleached during processing, with a faint sour taste when smelling, a noticeable pungent odor when burning, black smoke, black ash, and no self-ignition after being blown out.
Three touch: pure cotton thread feel soft, elastic, rubbing very little loss of fiber. The black-wadded cotton thread feels rough and inelastic, and after being rubbed, a large amount of fibers are exfoliated. In addition, the pure cotton thread is hard to pull off, and the black heart thread is easier to tear.
Four wash: Hand-knotted cushions require dry cleaning. Quality cushions do not change color and do not deform after dry cleaning. Inferior cushions are easily deformed after dry cleaning. Due to the discoloration of some black cotton threads, light colored cushions are easily stained.
Five prices: high-quality hand-made car seats, the cost of each set of prices are more than 500 yuan, the price is too low to be careful to buy products.
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