Enhancing innovation ability is the development direction of China's machine tool industry

In order to achieve better and faster innovation and development, the machine tool industry should speed up the enterprise system reform and mechanism innovation of the machine tool industry, enhance the company's survivability, and establish a diversified and perfect enterprise system.

Under the guidance of national industrial policies and industry planning, the role of the market mechanism should be brought into full play to improve the precision and specialization of production software and hardware to change the development space of CNC machine tools. The development of domestically-developed functional components has hindered the development of the machine tool industry. First of all, technological progress has lagged behind; second, the development approach has placed emphasis on scale expansion. At present, the basic characteristics of the machine tool industry are big but not strong. The main contradiction is the conflict between the accelerated upgrade of the domestic market demand structure and the industry's supply capacity.

Accelerating the establishment of numerical control machine tools is a corporate priority. Establishing and improving enterprise technology R&D teams, accelerating the development of high-end numerical control machine tools, strengthening the construction of talent teams, cultivating high-tech talents and highly skilled workers, and upgrading the technological innovation capabilities of the CNC machine tool industry are our country's The development direction of the machine tool industry.

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