The woman builds a home for the left-behind children and cares for more than a hundred children to become "temporary mothers"

The woman builds a home for the left-behind children and cares for more than a hundred children to become "temporary mothers"
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There are such a group of rural children whose parents work outside the home all year long and earn their family income with diligence and wisdom. However, they are left at home and depend on their elderly grandparents. There is very little time spent with their parents each year. These children, who should have been the parents of the parents, formed a special group—left behind children. In 2007, in Nanjiao Village, Wangqingmen Town, Xinbin Manchu Autonomous County, Liaoning Province, Xu Jinying and her husband established the “Home of Left-behind Children” with the help of the government. More than 100 left-behind children became members of this special family. One member, Xu Jinying also became the "temporary mother" of these children, and propped up a hopeful blue sky for their healthy growth.
On the morning of May 13, Zhou Jingting, a 12-year-old girl from Nanjiao Village, Wangqingmen Township, Xinbin Manchu Autonomous County, set up and went to the "left-behind children's home" in the village together with his sisters who had already agreed. Zhou Jingting said: "Today is Mother's Day. I want to write a letter to a mother who is working outside and tell her I am good at home. Xu Ma is very considerate of us and she and her father are assured."
The three murky tile houses in the southeast cellar village are the “home of left-behind children”, and “Xu Mu” in the mouth of Zhou Jingting is the founder of “The House of Left-behind Children” Xu Jinying. In 2007, Xu Jinying and her husband founded the "Home of Left-behind Children". More than 100 left-behind children became members of this special family. She also became a "temporary mother" of these children.
When Zhou Jingting walked into the House of Left-behind Children, several children in the room arrived earlier than they were. They were sharing with Xu Jinying the letters they had just written. When the reporters bowed, the letters written by the children to their mothers were brief and immature, but the writings were very neat. It was not difficult to see their intentions between paintings.
"Mum Xu, believe me to write well," "Mr. Xu, I also wrote it." ... The children scrambled to give Xu Jinying a letter they had written, and she smiled and reminded her, "I wrote it. Look for any typos, and don't let your mother see the joke."
Xu Jinying said that she cares about left-behind children from a wallet. One year she used a rag to sewn a small purse and pinned it to her waistband. I did not expect this detail to be discovered by two students. On Mother's Day, her two children bought money to buy a purse for her and she was deeply moved. Xu Jinying said: "It is not the wallet that motivates me to create a home for children left behind. It is the children whose parents are working outside."
A few days ago, Xu Jinying had just returned from Shenyang City and received the “Ten Provincial Outstanding Mother” certificate issued by the Provincial Women’s Federation and the Provincial Civilization Office. When referring to the "home of left-behind children," Xu Jinying said: "Their parents are working in the field. When they are busy, they are left unattended at home. I use the rest day to put them together and study. I did not expect to come and go again. More and more children are coming here. Lianwai's children also joined in."
"Why did you call Teacher Xu's mother?" The reporter asked the children who had gathered around.
Zhou Jingting preemptively said: “Mr. Xu, like her mother, buys birthday cakes for us every year.”
Dai Haofeng, 15 years old, said: “Every time I miss my mother, Teacher Xu uses my cell phone to let me and my mother talk for a while.”
Chen Xinwen, 14 years old, said: "I have stayed here for 5 years. It is like my home."
Xu Jinying said that the establishment of "Home for Left-behind Children" is not something else. I just can't see the sad expression of these children who cannot see their mother. "Every time I see their eyes craving for maternal love, my heart is soft. As long as there are still left-behind children in the village, this 'home of left-behind children' will always be their home!"
Xu Jinying is proud of the students he taught. For more than 20 years, nearly 30 people she has taught have been admitted to university, including her own daughter.
Today, Xu Jinying has formed the “Xu Jinying Caring Team”. At present, there are 20 volunteers, 9 counselors, and 1 volunteer. They are dedicated to the love of left-behind children under the influence of Xu Jinying’s love.
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