Weichai Occupational Safety Management System goes "insurance" again

On March 21, 2014, the operation and control activities of the Occupational Health and Safety Management System of the production team leaders organized by Weichai had recently come to a successful conclusion. The theoretical level and practical ability for the operation and control of the production team leader system had been further improved. The effective and safe operation of the system was accompanied by insurance.

In order to promote the healthy development of the company's occupational health and safety management system and ensure the compliance, applicability, and effectiveness of the system's operation, since November of last year, the company’s labor union, safety and environmental protection department, and human resources department have organized and implemented company-wide activities. The production team leader occupational health and safety management system operation and control activities. The activity lasted for more than four months and was carried out in three steps. The activity carried out system knowledge questionnaire survey to find out the team leader’s knowledge needs. Through the implementation of system operation and control training, the team leader’s knowledge level was improved; the danger source identification was carried out. The improvement of security projects will improve the actual working ability of the team leader.

It is reported that the event was successfully concluded in recent days. The activity review team also selected 10 “advanced individuals” for “excellent safety improvement projects” and 40 production team leader system operation and control activities.

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