Smart car vehicle intelligent system battle

At the Geneva International Motor Show in early March 2014, Apple released the CarPlay intelligent vehicle system to become the auto show star. Subsequently, Apple released the official version of iOS7.1, the biggest highlight of this version of the update is to support the link Smart Car Systems CarPlay.

At present, Mercedes-Benz has announced photos of its integrated C-Class model CarPlay, visually showing the user can use the features during driving. In addition, automakers such as Ferrari, BMW, Ford and General Motors will also continue to display their integrated interfaces with CarPlay.

Build a smart car

The so-called Carplay, which is Apple's car entertainment system, can support "phone", "music", "map", "information", and third-party audio applications by simply connecting the user's iPhone to a CarPlay-enabled car. Siri, car touch screen control, provides support for carplay operating system.

According to industry analysts, since carplay is only applicable to iphone 5, 5S and 5C, automobile companies may launch their own car information system after launching the carplay system to meet users who do not use iPhone 5, 5S or 5C.

According to analysis, by 2017, the proportion of vehicle networking will increase from the current level of around 10% to over 50%. This means that more than 500 million traditional cars will be upgraded through intelligence. Apple is not only seizing the huge market of on-board intelligent systems, but also taking the lead in seizing the standardization process of the leading automotive infotainment systems.

However, Google will not give up the 100 billion market of automotive intelligent systems to Apple. It is said that Google will also launch "Google projection mode", so that most of Android's features can be transferred to the car's infotainment system. Interestingly, Google’s first partner is Mercedes.

According to Mercedes-Benz engineers recruitment ads, Google will launch "Google projection model." The system is described as a "seamlessly integrated" Android smart meter device that transfers local calls, text messages, navigation, and multimedia playback functions to the car. This device will probably use a larger display, using Android's simplified version of the user interface.

The battle for smart cars between Apple and Google may lead to an unpredictable change for the automotive industry.

Traditional car companies still have the dominant power

The birth of the Internet has already overturned the traditional mobile phone industry. Then, is the next subversion target of the Internet a traditional automotive industry?

Intelligence will change the car, which has been recognized by all auto companies. Therefore, various car companies are developing their own intelligent systems and driverless technologies. Li Shufu once told the media: “The car in the future is a battery (green energy and power) plus a computer (Internet big data).”

It can be said that cars in the future will surely enter the era of internet big data. However, after all, the automotive industry is very different from the mobile phone industry. The core experience of mobile consumer electronics such as mobile phones must be based on the operating system. This makes software and hardware design closely related. But the core experience of a car is driving comfort and safety. It is not the on-board information system that affects this core experience, but the car design and manufacturing technology.

Insiders believe that although Apple can rely on revolutionary innovations in software to revolutionize and enhance the hardware experience on mobile phones, it is difficult for technology companies to rely on the advantages of software to significantly enhance the hardware experience in automotive design. It is also difficult to realize the overtaking of traditional car manufacturers in a short period of time.

In particular, the industrial chain of the automotive industry is more complex and the industry barriers are more solid. The mobile phone intelligent system can only occupy an advantageous position by opening itself up. Perhaps because of this, traditional automotive companies are not facing the same enemies as traditional mobile phone companies in the face of Internet companies, but they are trying to cooperate with Internet companies to create a win-win situation.

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