Due to the requirement of preventing environmental pollution in large and medium-sized cities, the application prospects of high-powered electric vehicles are better

In order to formulate the electric vehicle driving mode in China, it is first necessary to conduct a comprehensive survey of the current driving modes of buses, commercial vehicles, official vehicles, and coaches in large and medium-sized cities in China. From the analysis of the typical driving modes of different models. And they predict the changes in driving style caused by changes in technology, roads, and traffic conditions over the next decade or so.

As electric vehicles are a high-tech environmental protection project with relatively large input and high technical content, it is unlikely that they will be promoted to small cities and rural areas in the early stages of its development. On the contrary, due to the high requirements for preventing environmental pollution in large and medium-sized cities, the application prospect of electric vehicles is better. So the investigation should focus on large and medium-sized cities.

Suggestions for the driving mode of electric vehicles in China Due to the differences in road conditions, traffic volume and traffic flow, and traffic management facilities in various cities, the driving conditions of buses and commercial vehicles will vary greatly. Therefore, it is impossible and unnecessary to require the driving mode to fully comply with the driving conditions of each city.

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