Electric tricycle ban opinion collection

Electric tricycle ban opinion collection

Keywords: Standard Reason Statement:

Based on the status quo of urban road traffic in China, electric tricycles have the advantages of safety, environmental protection, and energy saving, and are the most suitable means of transportation for express companies to guarantee the delivery time and safety of express delivery and improve the “last mile” service. Therefore, it is recommended to study and formulate special standards for electric tricycles for express delivery services. The government management department shall provide convenient transportation for the express special electric two-wheeled vehicles and tricycles that meet the standards. Gao Hongfeng, former vice minister of the Ministry of Transport, proposed to appropriately relax standards for core technical indicators such as vehicle speed, vehicle weight, and motor power based on the actual needs of the market and in accordance with the technical standards of electric bicycles in developed countries. For example, in the United States, with a speed limit of 32.18 km/h, Europe has a speed limit of 25 km/h and Japan has a speed limit of 24 km/h. At present, the mainstream of domestic vehicle manufacturers recommends a speed limit of 26 km/h. At the same time, the standard for the safety design of vehicle parts and components has been strengthened, such as the improvement of the frame design strength and controller design standards, and the safety and reliability of electric bicycles have been significantly enhanced. Tianneng Group Chairman Zhang Tian commented: There is no unified technical standard for electric tricycles, which not only can not ensure the safety of electric tricycles, but also is not conducive to the unified management of electric tricycles. To a certain extent, this is the root cause of the frequent occurrence of "limited power" and "banned electricity" policies.

Keywords: Impact Reason Statement:

The company now dispatches an average of 80,000 to 90,000 pieces of business on a daily basis, and 110,000 to 120,000 pieces at a peak. An electric tricycle can deliver 120 to 150 pieces per day. If it is replaced by a two-wheeled vehicle, the daily delivery volume will be higher than before. If you reduce it by half, it can easily cause backlogs and delays. Yunda Express has a high loss rate of two-wheeled electric vehicles, and it is not easy to recruit couriers. The transition period may affect the business. Compared with electric tricycles, the carrying capacity of electric bicycles is small, so the efficiency of dispatching shipments will be affected. In the case of dispatch, for example, couriers use electric bicycles to dispatch about 60 pieces per day, which is more than half of the use of electric tricycles. Before STO Express banned the use of electric bikes, 90% of the couriers of Yuantong and its subordinate divisions used electric bicycles to complete the delivery task. Now that the city is forbidden to use electric bicycles, we can only use other modes of transportation. In order to ensure timeliness, companies must employ more people and the cost must increase. Apart from self-digesting part of these costs, I am afraid it will also be transmitted to consumers. Yuantong express company commented: I believe that the government departments formulate and introduce the “power cuts” and “power cuts” policies. They all know that this will affect the industry of the express delivery industry, but perhaps they did not expect the impact to be so serious.

Keywords: Management Rationale Statement:

Nowadays, many of the express delivery vehicles have been upgraded from three-wheeled electric vehicles to three-wheeled electric vehicles. However, these vehicles are basically unlicensed.

Then, why can the relevant departments not legalize the delivery of tricycles? Not giving these cards to the car seems to be for security reasons. However, if you don't give your cards, these cars are actually driving on a large number of roads. It seems to be even more insecure - without license plates and obvious signs. In the unlikely event that someone hits a person and escapes, I'm afraid I can't find anyone. On the contrary, if the express tricycle is regulated, such as the body size, speed, etc., it is required to mark the body with a prominent company logo so that even if something goes wrong, it is easy to lock the responsible party.

In the moment when express delivery has become a necessities for daily necessities, the express tricycle should be given a legal status as soon as possible, so that the courier can be drunk and make the people get more convenience. Ma Junsheng, the director of the State Post Bureau, said that the "extensive ban on management in place" mode of extensive management is contrary to the principle of "people-oriented, service-first" innovative social management. Any means of transportation, whether it is a car or a bicycle, will cause safety hazards due to illegal driving by drivers, so this should not be a reason to deprive motor tricycle users of road rights. Wu Hongyang, deputy director of the Urban Transport Research Center of the Ministry of Transport and the Ministry of Science and Technology, recently held an industry standard review meeting for the “Technical Requirements for Electric Tricycles for Express Services” held in Beijing. 11 members from the National Postal Industry Standardization Technical Committee and some experts attended the meeting. However, what is the significance of formulating such a so-called industry standard without the involvement of departments such as the administrative law enforcement department and the traffic police department of the Public Security Bureau? Is it meaningful to close your car? Zhao Xiaomin, vice president of enterprise management consulting company in China (China), so many people rely on electric bicycles to make a living, and so many people indirectly enjoy the convenience of electric bicycles. It can be seen that electric bicycles should not be banned, not just a simple road safety Problems and development of the service industry are also a very serious livelihood issue. For such a serious issue, the city government did not go to the production company to investigate the safety of electric bicycles. Second, it did not hold a hearing and said that the ban was banned. We can only say that I am sorry. According to Ni Jie, chairman of the Luyuan Group, looking at the content of the new standard, whether or not it has solicited extensive opinions and conducted relevant hearings proves to be open to question. At present, many electric bicycles become motor vehicles. Apart from the insurance issues such as whether to implement the compulsory third-party liability insurance system as with other motor vehicles, "electric motorcycles" will be crowded with other motor vehicles once they are on the road. Driving on the road, whether it is necessary to open up a dedicated road for electric motorcycles, and whether the introduction of new traffic standards for electric motorcycles are issues that need to be considered. A case of Du Liguo, an attorney of Liaoning Shengfa Law Firm, commented: From the introduction of power cut orders and power cut orders issued by various localities, the government’s management of electric tricycles is more a matter of taking a ban (limited). There are insufficient considerations for the impact on related industries. On the one hand, it reflects the lazy-government mentality of the government's functional departments. On the other hand, it indicates that the relevant departments have insufficient coordination ability when they introduce policies.

Keywords: Proposal reason statement:

It is recommended that there be more current status and requirements for the development of the e-commerce and express delivery industries. The implementation rules of the Postal Law should be amended to clarify the application standards for "postal special signs" and the right to use postal transfer signs based on express delivery vehicles that meet the requirements. The managers are fully aware of the importance of the express delivery industry and give express delivery trucks a reasonable status, and it is recommended that they gradually and appropriately release the city freight passes to express delivery vehicles in order to improve the convenience of the city's traffic.Spokesperson: Chairman of the Revival Group, Guo Guangchang Electric bicycles are currently the most important means of transportation for the “last mile” of express delivery companies. Once the “ban on power supply” is implemented on a one-size-fits-all basis, not adopting other accommodation methods for the express delivery industry will directly lead to a large backlog of courier goods in the region and express delivery to the country. The network will have a significant negative impact.

In the face of the “last mile” distribution problem, in addition to the government’s clearing of policies, express delivery companies should also strengthen model innovation. At present, many express delivery companies such as Shunfeng and Yunda are also actively exploring cooperation with convenience stores and properties in order to solve the “last mile” problem in the express delivery industry. Spokesperson: Xu Yong, Chief Consultant of Express Consultation Network, commented: Maintaining a balance between maintaining road traffic order and ensuring delivery of end-of-delivery services requires the government to accelerate the development of uniform standards, change management methods, and require enterprises to innovate in model innovation. . In fact, all these ideas for solving the problem are well known. The key lies in how to operate and implement it as soon as possible.

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